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The Wild Image Project is a life long journey, taking me around the world to some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth. My goal is to report and show the Beauty of Nature through my photography and videos.

The Wild Image Project

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  1. September 2010
  2. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Mate Expedition, by Taragui

    I was back at Las Marias, wrapping up a 3-month assignment..."

  3. July 2010
  4. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post A Story to Tell

    Ever since I was a young boy, I found my inspiration and comfort in nature"

  5. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Refuge

    I love the wild. I love being in it and feeling it. I love the humbling experience of feeling powerless towards it."

  6. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Listen to the Land - Las Marias

    I am sitting on the fence at the Las Marias ranch, in my hand, a gourd filled with Mate. I feel connected."

  7. May 2010
  8. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Part 2: Following the Andes – Copahue

    The next stop was Caviahue, near the Copahuevolcano."

  9. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Part 1: Following the Andes–Arroyo Verde

    The plan was to drive through the Los Alerces National Park by the Ruta 71"

  10. April 2010
  11. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Quick Round Trip Down South Before Heading North

    Once again, almost a year to the day, I am back in Argentina. This time, under the special invitation of the Consulate General of Argentina in New York. The plan is to kayak the Ibera Marshes (the equivalent of the Florida Everglades) and hike the jungle"

  12. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Isla Espiritu Santo

    The Mexicans call it the Holy Spirit. Sitting on the beach, my eyes fixed a few miles offshore on a group of humpbacks jumping, their tails and flukes slapping the water, much like a baby would do in a bath, I start to understand the sacred spirit of this"

  13. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Sailing Matilda

    Sailing earth’s waters has always captivated and fascinated man. The vikings sailed to America way before the Europeans. Peruvians explored and helped colonized the Polynesian islands. Darwin discovered the Galapagos and the Falkands onboard the Beagle."

  14. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Whale Shark Encounter!

    There is not much to compare the whale shark to on land. I don’t believe there is much to compare it to in the water either. This creature stands on alone."

  15. March 2010
  16. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Baja Magdalena

    It is said that their migration is the longest one amongst all mammals. Each year gray whales leave the cold nutritious waters of the Chukchi Sea, above Alaska, and head south to Mexico for breeding."

  17. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Punta Chivato

    The east coast of Baja California is majestic and dramatic."

  18. April 2009
  19. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Early Wild Encounter

    The air was fresh and clean. The forest was beautiful - different shades of red, orange, and yellow - on the ground as well as up in the trees. Fall in the Northeast is always spectacular."

  20. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Wait

    I have been lying on the sand for 30 minutes, my eyes glued to the camera. My bones ache. My skin itches. My fingers are numb. I am starting to get cold. I am waiting."

  21. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Choked

    "While out shooting at Punta Norte the other day, I noticed this female sea lion that had a wire around her neck. She must have swam through a while ago."

  22. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Connection

    As I am sitting on the beach, just a couple of feet away from the seals, I sense that my presence is no longer a threat and from there, a connection, a communication is established."

  23. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Golfo San Jose

    We were at the end of the road. But our journey was only beginning. We got out of the jeep and proceeded to unload the kayaks from the trailer. We were all anxious - like children, the night before christmas, about to open their gifts."

  24. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Beyond the Sunset

    "The unexpected. The surprise. Time and space coming together to create a moment of bliss."

  25. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Rio Chubut

    We had been driving for a while when we left the main road behind. From the fairly flat landscape our eyes had become accustomed, we found ourselves slowly going down a twisted dirt road - high walls on each side, perhaps 50 meters high."

  26. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post El Rey de las Ballenas

    Saturday night, I am watching a documentary called “El Rey de las Ballenas” (The Whale King). It was produced by MC4 Grenoble, a French company, in 1987 and is about Mariano Van Gelderen, a man born in Bahia Blanca in 1945."

  27. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post BBC ME

    We were all sitting at the table, sharing food and stories. Fried anchovies, calamari and clams, all fresh from the morning, each of us telling his Nature stories."

  28. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Against the Wind

    We were supposed to leave that evening. The plan was to kayak a couple of hours, pass Puerto Pardelas, and camp before Punta Alt."

  29. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Specks of Perspective

    In a world where more than half of the population lives in cities, we tend to forget there is even a night sky."

  30. Daniel Fox wrote a blog post Nomades del Mar

    Our adventure started in Camarones, a wonderful little village by the Natural Reserve Cabo Dos Bahias."