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My name is Brett, and I’m an airline dork. I’ve had the bug since I was young. As a kid, I never missed a chance to go to LAX and pick up airline timetables. My grandmother even took me to an airport hotel for my birthday one year so I could watch the planes land. By the age of 12, I had become a travel agent. Soon after I was volunteering at Traveler’s Aid.

Since that time, I’ve worked in several places in the industry.

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  1. May 2012
  2. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Why Do Airlines Switch Airplanes on Flights with One Flight Number?

    Back in the early days, one flight number would usually have one airplane the whole way. Heck, it was more likely for the airplane to stay the same than the actual airline!"

  3. March 2012
  4. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Onboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner

    Don’t get too excited. I didn’t actually get to fly on one. But I did get invited to come take a tour of a 787 while it was on the ground here in Long Beach as part of a tour around North America. Of course, I was thrilled to do it."

  5. September 2011
  6. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Is Wifi the Future of Inflight Entertainment?

    As I mentioned yesterday, the big buzz at the APEX expo last week was around wireless entertainment."

  7. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Air New Zealand Wins the Award for Best Single Achievement in the Passenger’s Experience

    It’s a busy week here at the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) 2011 Expo"

  8. August 2011
  9. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Why Can’t Airlines Stream Black Box Data? (Ask Cranky)

    Why don’t airlines stream black box data so that they don’t have to actually find the box itself?"

  10. May 2011
  11. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post First Class on the Emirates A380, Featuring a Shower at 37,000 feet

    Over the years, with a lot of planning and tactical earning and burning of frequent flier miles, I’ve flown in some fantastically spacious lie-flat beds, gotten free massages in exclusive high-end lounges and raised my champagne tolerance to impressive le"

  12. April 2011
  13. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Airlines Should Refund Bag Fees If Your Bags Don’t Arrive With You

    Uh oh. It looks like the DOT has found something else they don’t like about airlines with which they want to get involved. This time, it’s the refunding of bag fees when bag aren’t delivered. Guess what? I agree with the idea."

  14. November 2010
  15. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Should You Be Afraid of the Body Scanner Raising the Risk of Cancer? Nah, and Neither Should Pilots

    "If you’ve been watching pilot unions tell their members to decline to go through the body scanner when they go through security, you’re probably feeling concerned about your safety as well, right"

  16. October 2010
  17. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post The Most Remote Place in the US Applies for Federal Funds for Air Service

    "Small Community Air Service Development (SCASD) week"

  18. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Why Can Only Gate Agents Change My Seat? (Ask Cranky)

    When I beg at check-in for a better seat assignment, why are they powerless?"

  19. September 2010
  20. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Is There a Future for Inflight Entertainment Providers? Here’s What the Big Guys are Working On

    Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Expo 2010"

  21. July 2010
  22. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post First Month Under the Three Hour Ground Delay Rule Sees More Travelers Inconvenienced

    Back at the end of April, the rule enacting massive fines to airlines who keep people on an airplane on the ground for more than three hours went into effect. The Department of Transportation just released May’s results and the numbers show that more trav"

  23. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post British Airways 747 Near-Accident in South Africa Combined Good Piloting and Luck

    The details of the British Airways 747 near-accident in South Africa are out, and man, was that scary for the pilots."

  24. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Pondering the Characteristics of Composites in the 787

    We’ve all heard about how awesome the new 787 is going to be, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some risks to this program."

  25. May 2010
  26. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Lufthansa’s Beer Garden Should Inspire Others

    Let’s say you’re flying on a German airline and you’re riding in style up in business class. What would you like to see in the lounge before you go?re you go?"

  27. April 2010
  28. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Tales from the Volcano

    It’s time to look back on the aftermath of the Icelandic volcano."

  29. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Volcano Decides to Halt European Flights Since Nobody is Striking This Week

    It's a rare week when there isn't a strike at a European airline, but this appears to be one of them. Unhappy with this news, a big mean volcano in Iceland called Eyjafjallajokull decided to start erupting."

  30. March 2010
  31. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post San Francisco Targets LAX In Fight for Connecting Travelers

    It’s not often that you see one airport call out another airport, but that’s exactly what San Francisco International (SFO) has done, even though they won’t admit it."

  32. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Pilots, Commuting, and Fatigue

    The Colgan Air accident involved a couple of pilots who were exhausted. One had just flown in on a redeye the night before and shouldn’t have been flying that plane. Thanks to this incident, commuting and fatigue are getting their time in the spotlight, a"

  33. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post How Frontier Got Me to Pay More for a Connecting Flight Than a Nonstop

    Cranky meets Frontier's online booking engine."

  34. February 2010
  35. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Why Do Two Flights Cost Less Than One? (Ask Cranky)

    I’ve received this question in many different forms ever since my days doing airline pricing, so I thought now would be a good time to answer it."

  36. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post American and British Airways Finally Receive Alliance Approval From the US (Tentatively)

    About 10 minutes after the Wright Brothers put their first airplane into the air, American and British Airways applied for blanket codesharing and antitrust immunity. More than 100 years later, their wish has finally been granted, at least by the US autho"

  37. January 2010
  38. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post UK Airport Fun Facts

    Good morning. Assuming we’re on time, I should be making my way toward the California coast as this goes out. I’ll be back home soon, and I’m looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend. But first, let’s talk UK."

  39. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Exploring Air New Zealand’s New Long Haul Cabin with Beds in Coach

    It had been hinted about around the local media here in New Zealand for the last few days, but now its official. If you fly in coach on Air New Zealand, you’ll be able to lie down, well, some of you will."

  40. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post How You Can Get Airlines to Stop Raising Bag Fees

    I feel like I’ve approached this topic before, but in light of the airlines raising bag fees once again to $25 for the first bag and $35 for the second, I thought it was worth revisiting."

  41. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post JFK to Close a Runway for Four Months, Prepare to Cry

    Starting in March, JFK is shutting a runway down to be re-done. It’ll reopen (mostly) in July. I understand the need for this project, and the airlines and airport are preparing, but man, it’s gonna suck."

  42. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post What’s the Deal with Premium Economy? (Ask Cranky)

    Are airlines making money on customers who choose premium economy?"

  43. December 2009
  44. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post New TSA Rules Actually Make the Liquid Rule Look Rational

    Someone tried to blow up a flight into Detroit and the TSA jumped into action. I tried to let my anger cool off for a couple days, but the more I stewed over the changes, the more angry I got."

  45. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post DOT Mandates Passenger Bill of Rights and I’m Not Happy

    Yesterday, the DOT decided to issue a final ruling that will effectively require airlines to have a passenger bill of rights."

  46. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post How to Get Out When a Snow Storm Strands You

    A timely topic, no? The winter storm that just nailed DC, Philly, and New York over the weekend has certainly left its mark."

  47. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Flies

    Let's forget about looming strikes, delayed deliveries, red ink, etc. and simply focus on the wonders of flight..."

  48. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post British Airways Cabin Crew Earn the Cranky Jackass Award For Upcoming Holiday Strike

    If you’re booked on British Airways for the holidays, you might be kicking yourself right now"

  49. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post The Most Overserved Route in the World

    Oh sure, there are probably a bunch of different routes that could win the prize of being the most overserved these days, but I think there’s one in particular that deserves the win."

  50. November 2009
  51. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Virgin Atlantic’s Taxi Share Service Is a Decent Start

    Virgin Atlantic has teamed up with Taxi2 (and it’s oddly-registered Tongan website to help passengers share cabs to their destination. This to me is a great idea, but they haven’t taken this far enough. Hopefully this is just the first step."

  52. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post If You Want to Try Wifi Onboard, You’ll Have Plenty of Free Chances

    It’s no surprise that when you make something completely free, people use it a lot more often than if you make them pay. Duh. And that’s why it’s not surprising to see airlines scrambling to find a way to offer wireless internet for free. Just in the last"

  53. October 2009
  54. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post How Did Those Northwest Pilots Miss the Airport?

    You know the story – Northwest 188 from San Diego to Minneapolis decided that Wisconsin was a better destination. Once pilots realized they had gone too far east, they turned around and landed. As far as I’m concerned, the excuses given by the pilots seem"

  55. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Using Electronics on Takeoff, Standing Flight Attendants (Ask Cranky)

    Are the rules regarding no electronic devices upon takeoff and landing really necessary? Are the regulations based on science? Could an iPod or Laptop really bring down a 777?"

  56. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Virgin America Tries Letting People Without Carry-Ons Board First

    We’ve seen a million different boarding schemes over the years. First there was boarding by rows, then came group boarding, and now many are going to the all-at-once cattle call strategy. But Virgin America is trying something different. They want to let"

  57. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post The Travel Promotion Act Makes Travel More Difficult

    You’ll hear lots of fanfare around the Travel Promotion Act these days, but you certainly won’t hear it from me. In fact, I think it’s time for a rant."

  58. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Why Algae Won’t Fly Anytime Soon

    We’ve heard people talk about biofuels for quite awhile now, and algae has always been promoted as one of the best possible hopes for mass production. It’s renewable and it doesn’t take from existing food supplies."

  59. September 2009
  60. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post American and United Add $10 Surcharge For Peak Holiday Travel

    It looks like United and American have decided that you don’t pay enough to travel on the peak holiday travel days, so they’ve added a $10 surcharge. Is this a new fee? Nah, I think it’s just the lazy man’s fare increase."

  61. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Virgin Atlantic Links Up with Eurostar

    It’s always good to see airplanes and trains coming together to make a more seamless travel experience. Now it appears that Virgin Atlantic has linked up with Eurostar to provide easy one-stop booking on Eurostar’s chunnel routes to Brussels and Paris. Un"

  62. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post An Exclusive Look at Bird Strikes

    I really haven’t written much about bird strikes on the blog. Yes, they happen a lot, and they can be dangerous, but the hype after the FAA released its data was certainly overdone. I didn’t see a need to join in. But when someone from Tableau Software,"

  63. August 2009
  64. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post An Onboard Wifi Update

    I’m at the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) conference this week, and I spent awhile chatting with the folks at AirCell (provider of wifi fun) yesterday. That made me think it was a good time for a wifi update, especially since there has been s"

  65. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post TSA Now Needs Your Birthdate and Gender

    It was just a couple of months ago that the TSA started requiring you to use your exact name as it appears on your ID, and now, they need more. As of last Saturday, August 15, you’ll have to give your birthdate and gender as well."

  66. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post How Does an Accident Impact an Airline’s Schedule? (Ask Cranky)

    Today we’ve got an interesting Ask Cranky question from a curious reader . . ."

  67. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post International Airlines Start Adding Fees, Making Cuts Like US Carriers

    It was only a matter of time until global carriers started following in their US counterparts’ shoes, right?"

  68. July 2009
  69. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Fare Hikes on Domestic Routes

    The airlines have been busy lately trying to hike fares on domestic routes, and so far it looks like they’ve been successful."

  70. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Details of Obama’s Wild Plane Ride

    Last year, when then-Senator Obama was busy criss-crossing the country in support of his presidential bid, he ran into some trouble on one of his flights"

  71. June 2009
  72. Cranky Flier wrote a blog post Ryanair Wants To Let People Bring Unlimited Carry On Bags

    Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary loves to spout off about his dreams about the future of Ryanair, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. We’re still waiting to see those pay lavs, right? But I think O’Leary’s head is in the right place here."