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16th August 2007

My name is Col Ross. A friend of mine told me about a surfing adventure to Lombok and Sumbawa aboard an outrigger boat called the Partama. Being a keen surfer, I decided to jump aboard and experienced the trip of a lifetime. I was stoked; we got great waves and the fishing and the food were excellent while the crew are a good bunch of blokes. Parta our captain has loads of knowledge on what's going on and where to surf. Anyway now I'm part owner in the boat. We try to please our customers in every way and hopefully find the best possible surf on the day. Look forward to meeting you.

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  1. August 2007
  2. Colin Ross reviewed Keramas Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

    Well for Bali in general there’s so many surf breaks and they are well documented but I would have to say that Ull’s, Padang-Padang, Sanur and the new spot Keramas are the best in my expert opinion.  These breaks are up there with the re…"

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  5. Colin Ross reviewed Sumbawa Island Surfing in Bandung, Indonesia

    Sumbawa is another island and also has 2 world class waves Scar Reef and Super suck, and the towering cliffs that makes that feeling your in that film “Jurassic Park". Meeting the locals is another experience mostly on these island they have little mone…"

  6. Colin Ross rated Surfing Deserts Point

  7. Colin Ross reviewed Surfing Deserts Point in Indonesia

    Desert Point has been rated by many pro surfers and my self as no. 1 in the world being that there’s no Hotels on the beach yet, just the locals and as it say’s Desert point “Barron” and it’s the best set up for surfing it start out round the point and …"

  8. Colin Ross reviewed Surfing G-Land in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    G-Land Java is another spot in the Java Jungles, years ago there was known to be tigers there but this day who knows? But back to the waves this place rules the surfing Kingdom with its National Park, So no progress with high rise buildings just Surfing…"

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