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  1. May 2012
  2. Cole K commented on Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, United States

    "Not even worth the 5 dollar admission charge. Some of the junk in the "sculpture" ought to just be recycled."

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  4. Cole K rated North Park Center (shopping)

  5. Cole K commented on North Park Center (shopping) in Dallas, United States

    "Just the fact that this mall even is listed as an attraction in Dallas shows how much Dallas lacks for attractions. It's just a mall, not even a particularly nice or interesting one."

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  7. Cole K rated Boston

  8. Cole K rated Mexico City

  9. Cole K rated Teotihuacan

  10. Cole K rated Dallas Museum of Art

  11. Cole K reviewed Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, United States

    "The DMA is a nice place to visit for people local to Texas, the south or the midwest, or for people from small cities that lack amenities. Good for north Texas schoolkids to field trip, but people who seek The Met or Smithsonian quality need not bother."

  12. Cole K reviewed National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, Mexico

    "This Museum is in league with the Louvre and the Met. Except for Teotihuacan, this should certainly be considered the greatest attraction in DF."

  13. Cole K rated National Anthropology Museum

  14. Cole K commented on Templo Mayor in Mexico City, Mexico

    "Just FYI, the photo shows the Aztec calendar sculpture which is not at the Templo Mayor, it's at the Museo Nacional Anthropologie in Chapultepec Park. Templo Mayor, which is adjacen to the Zocolo, is certainly worth a look and a few photos, but Anthropol…"