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  1. August 2010
  2. Clover Jackson commented on Chelsea Flower Show in London, United Kingdom

    "I also question why your reviewer has only given this event a one out of five?"

  3. July 2010
  4. Clover Jackson commented on Sherry Ott's Annapurna Circuit

    "This is a really great resource, thanks! I've often dreamed of trekking in Nepal but it's hard to know if it's achievable - you made it sound like it would be, so thanks!"

  5. Clover Jackson commented on Three Days into the Heart of Louisiana

    "Was the area you went to still showing damage from Katrina? Do you think that's one of the reasons you were invited? We're unsure as to whether it's a good time to visit or not. Thanks!"

  6. April 2010
  7. Clover Jackson reviewed Kinsale International Gourmet Festival in Southwest Ireland, Ireland

    Kinsale's a port town with a reputation for excellent seafood, but it's also surrounded by verdant farming country, so the reputation for above average eating extends to dairy and meat products as well. And it's got the best ratio of good restaurants pe…"

  8. Clover Jackson reviewed Saint Finbarre's Cathedral in Cork, Ireland

    Saint Finbarre's three pale spires are one of Cork's landmarks, you can see them from all over town. Saint Finbarre is Cork's patron saint – he was the Bishop of Cork in the 6th Century and pretty much founded the city. There's been a church on t…"

  9. Clover Jackson reviewed Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, Mexico

    "This is the most visited shrine or religious site in Latin America. It's so popular that there are now two buildings on the spot, the earlier one is baroque, and was built between the 16th and 18th centuries, and is rather beautiful. Because of the pop…"

  10. Clover Jackson reviewed Bosque de Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, Mexico

    This is a bit more than your average city park, the forest here is ancient, ancient, and it's been a sacred place for both the Aztec and Mexican people who've lived on this spot.  Artefacts dated to the 4th Century have been found here, but it's not…"

  11. Clover Jackson reviewed 'Floating gardens' of Xochimilco in Mexico City, Mexico

    These farm lined canals have now been around for about 700 years but they still look, and work, in a very similar way to how they did in Aztec times.  Rent a trajinera, which is sort of like a very colourful flat bottomed gondola, coming complete wi…"

  12. Clover Jackson reviewed La Lagunilla Market in Mexico City, Mexico

    There's been a marketplace at La Lagunilla for about 500 years now.  There's something happening here every day but Sunday is the best, 'cause it's when the flea market takes over and all sorts of smaller stall holders come out of the woodwork to of…"

  13. Clover Jackson reviewed San Ángel in Mexico City, Mexico

    San Ángel is one of Mexico City's oldest and prettiest neighbourhoods – until the 1950s it was a separate town with firmer, more farming friendly soils than that of Mexico City proper.  Which is why it had an orchard.  And textile …"

  14. Clover Jackson reviewed San Ángel Bazar Sábado (Saturday Market) in Mexico City, Mexico

    The thing to remember at this market is that inside the bazaar building are the permanent stores with the higher quality purchases and outside are the bargains – after that go with what you like from a good selection of art, pottery and crafts, blo…"

  15. March 2010
  16. Clover Jackson reviewed The Library of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina) in Alexandria, Egypt

    The original Library of Alexandria, the legendary seat of great knowledge and learning founded in the third century BC has long been lost to antiquity - accidently burned down by Julius Caesar is one story of its demise, but there are thought to have bee…"

  17. Clover Jackson reviewed The Alabaster Mosque in the Citadel of Salah el-Din in Cairo, Egypt

    The Citadel of Salah el-Din (or Saladin as he's known as in the west.), which is a fortress holding a complex of three mosques, one of them being the Mohammad Ali Mosque, or Alabaster Mosque.  Impressive for it's architecture, the lower part is clad…"

  18. Clover Jackson reviewed The Khufu Ship & Solar Boat Museum in Cairo, Egypt

    The Khufu Ship is an ancient Egyptian barge 44 metres by six metres, that was buried in a pit within the pyramid complex of Giza.  It was buried at the foot of the Great Pyramid so it's presumed that it was built for Khufu, whose pyramid it is. &nbs…"

  19. Clover Jackson commented on Cliffs of Mohar in Galway, Ireland

    "These cliffs were used in the filming of The Princess Bride - in the film they play The Cliffs of Insanity."