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From her home in Italy, Claudia has ridden on five continents, from sea level (in Australia) to 5,000 meters (Kyrgyzstan). On horseback, she has chased bulls in Ecuador, dodged cobras in India, and avoided elephants in Botswana. On her own two feet, she has climbed Uluru and camped in Cappadoccia. When not travelling, Claudia writes about business and culture for the International Herald Tribune and many other publications, and for corporate clients ranging from Apple (computers) to Zegna (clothing). She shares her life with an Italian husband, two multicultural sons, a bilingual dog, and two blogs about expat life
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  1. May 2012
  2. Claudia Flisi wrote a holiday idea The road to health in Lazio is paved with sulphuric stones

    Expert, Claudia Flisi, recommends the most relaxing thermal spas and springs in Italy's Lazio region."

  3. October 2011
  4. Claudia Flisi wrote a holiday idea Riding high in the Andes

    There were four of them and seven of us -- four wild bulls with mature horns and an unfriendly posture eying the seven of us, five greenhorns and two chagras (Ecuadorian cowboys) on horseback in the Ecuadorian Andes."

  5. August 2011
  6. Claudia Flisi wrote a holiday idea Running with the herd in Iceland

    Riding expert Claudia Flisi recommends her recent horse riding trip to Iceland."

  7. March 2010
  8. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding in Cilento National Park in Campania in Italy

    Italy’s Cilento National Park in the Campania region (think Naples) is the second largest park in the country, and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. With its varied topography – from the verdant Apennines to the crystal…"

  9. February 2010
  10. Claudia Flisi reviewed Lake Mburo National Park horseback Safari in Uganda

    You probably don’t think about horse riding in Uganda, but a primate-focused safari in the country CAN encompass an equestrian experience. You can’t ride up to see gorillas, but you can arrange for a horseback safari in Lake Mburo National P…"

  11. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding in the Triglav National Park in Villach, Slovenia

    Small can be beautiful when it comes to riding experiences. A small country (Slovenia) and a small hotel (Pristava Lepena) can add up to a lovely equestrian vacation, since the country in question has green slopes and blue rivers and the hotel – lo…"

  12. Claudia Flisi reviewed Ride between Wadi Rum and Petra in Petra, Jordan

    In a UNESCO-recognized world treasure like Petra, dependent on tourists, it’s hard to find a serious riding experience. Many locals tout short rides on “pure Arabians” but you won’t get a Lawrence of Arabia experience . . . not t…"

  13. Claudia Flisi reviewed Horse riding in the Turks and Caicos in Turks and Caicos Islands

    If you like your hoof beats sunny side up, close to Caribbean beaches, then riding in the Turks and Caicos should satisfy your requisites. T & C is justifiably known for turquoise water and silvery sand. It is also home to a ranch of 21 horses and …"

  14. December 2009
  15. Claudia Flisi reviewed Saddling up in Cyprus in Cyprus

    If your trail ride is crossed with the scent of lemon blossoms, crushed olives, and fresh-baked bread, it is quite possible that you have opted for an equestrian vacation in Cyprus. This lush Mediterranean island juggles a complex history and a traditio…"

  16. Claudia Flisi reviewed Horse Country in Sardinia in Sardinia, Italy

    There is more to Sardinia than the Emerald Coast in August, as lovers of unspoiled landscapes, the bluest of Mediterranean waters, and elegant Sardinian horses can testify.  They will find their apotheosis at (prosaically-named) Horse Country, a res…"

  17. Claudia Flisi reviewed Horse riding in Dr. Zhivago country in Russia

    If a crisp trot over crunchy snow brings a sparkle to your cheeks, it may be the weather and not the vodka on a Russian snow adventure. Unlike many equestrian holidays, this trip is scheduled during the winter months (keep in mind that Russian winters l…"

  18. Claudia Flisi reviewed Beach and jungle riding in Bahia in Bahia North East, Brazil

    The colour and myth of Bahia’s capital, Salvador do Bahia, capture most of the tourism to northeast Brazil, and the gorgeous beaches beckon the rest, but horse lovers can have their beach and ride it too. If you stay in upscale Praia do Forte (abo…"

  19. November 2009
  20. Claudia Flisi reviewed Cantering on the Côte d’Azur in Provence-Cote d'Azur, France

    The ponies of the Camargue tend to be the focus for horse lovers on the French Mediterranean. While these animals and their gypsy traditions are well worth knowing, it is unfortunate that other riding opportunities in Southern France fade into the backg…"

  21. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding with style in Venice in Venice, Italy

    Few visitors to Venice think of combining the cultural and architectural riches of that unique city with an equestrian vacation. But it can be done. The Lido of Venice (immortalized in the book and film, Death in Venice) boasts a stable that caters mai…"

  22. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding high in the Ecuadorian Andes in Quito, Ecuador

    Riding in the Ecuadorian Andes is always a breath-taking experience, not only because of the height but also the beauty of the verdant panoramas that unfold around you. The Hacienda Primavera Wilderness Ecolodge is sure to take your breath away, given it…"

  23. Claudia Flisi reviewed Galloping over the Great Barrier Reef in Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    Only sea horses can take you directly over Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, but the stable at Dunk Island comes about as close as you can get. Of all the fabled island resorts in the proximity of the reef, Dunk is the only one with a farm and …"

  24. October 2009
  25. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding on Rapa Nui in Easter Island, Chile

    Tropical beaches. Mystical Moais. Volcanic craters. What a riding vacation on Easter Island lacks in technical challenge, it more than makes up for in sheer exoticism. You’ll be riding South American Criollo horses, generally at a walk, all the…"

  26. Claudia Flisi reviewed Pushkar Camel Fair in Ajmer, India

    What’s a horse doing at a camel fair? Aside the apocryphal quip that a camel is a horse designed by a committee, it makes a lot of sense to ride a horse to India’s Pushkar Camel Fair in November. The fair is a combination commercial bazaar …"

  27. September 2009
  28. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding Lipizzaners in Lipica in Slovenia

    "Anyone who has seen white Lipizzaner horses soaring through the air in a capriole understands how the myth of Pegasus can persist. What rider has not dreamed of flying with such an animal? You can come close by riding in Lipica, the area in Western Slo…"

  29. Claudia Flisi reviewed Trailing Tuscany's truffles on horseback in Tuscany, Italy

    The autumn air in Tuscany is heavy with truffles and other temptations; what better way to work up an appetite than with a brisk canter through the magical Tuscan hills? Or a day-long exploration of the countryside, perhaps on locally-bred Maremma horse…"

  30. Claudia Flisi reviewed Trailing the Great Migration on horseback in Tanzania

    Many safaris on horseback give you the opportunity to gallop alongside gazelle and giraffes. But few afford the spectacle of riding alongside more than two million animals (wildebeest, zebra and gazelles) as they take part in the greatest land migration…"

  31. Claudia Flisi reviewed Picoaga Hotel in Cusco, Peru

    Because Cuzco is the gateway to the best-known attractions of Peru, including but not limited to Machu Picchu, tourists who come here often wind up using their hotel as a hub. They arrive, spend a day or so to acclimatize, go off to sightsee, return, go …"

  32. August 2009
  33. Claudia Flisi reviewed EcoAmazonia Jungle Lodge in Peru

    Since most people visit Peru to see Machu Picchu, they learn that the great mystery of Machu Picchu is where did all the Incas go? According to many historians, they disappeared into the Amazon forest in the eastern part of the country after the Spanish …"

  34. Claudia Flisi reviewed Horse riding in Kiskunság National Park in Hungary

    "Riding the great plains, or puszta, of Hungary may call to mind horse racing on the steppes of Mongolia, and for good reason. After all, Mongolians invaded Hungary in the 13th century and brought their prowess as horsemen with them. Both countries ha…"

  35. Claudia Flisi reviewed Horse riding out of Jembisa Lodge in South Africa

    If you are like the idea of a horse safari in Africa but you have: * a non-riding companion * small children * an aversion to roughing it a riding vacation at Jembisa, South Africa, is the perfect solution. Jembisa is a private, family-owned lodge l…"

  36. July 2009
  37. Claudia Flisi reviewed Brujas De Cachiche in Lima, Peru

    "Most Northern Hemisphere visitors to Peru waste little time in the teeming capital city of Lima.  They head to Cuzco (jumping-off point for Machu Picchu) as soon as they can.   South American visitors, on the other hand,  see Lima as a des…"

  38. Claudia Flisi reviewed Count Kálnoky’s Transylvanian Equestrian Centre in Romania

    "To ride like the devil takes on a new meaning in wild, wooded Romania.  Forests are thick, castles are forbidding, and farmland may be unfenced,  promising long gallops through game-rich countryside. Count Kálnoky’s Transylvanian E…"

  39. Claudia Flisi reviewed Clark Home Ranch in Colorado, United States

    "Say “dude ranch” and most horsemen think of stop-and-go, nose-to-tail riding on hack horses with no character.  The scenery of the American West may be breathtaking but the riding usually isn’t.  The Home Ranch of Clark,  …"

  40. Claudia Flisi reviewed Celestial Mountains Horse Riding in Kyrgyzstan

    The Tien-Shan (or “celestial mountains”) of Kyrgyzstan represent one of the longest and highest mountain ranges in Central Asia, and one of the most challenging regions for a horse trek.  Following an ancient Silk Roads trail from Son Ku…"

  41. April 2009
  42. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding with giants in Botswana in Central Botswana, Botswana

    When you are riding in the “Land of the Giants”, in Southern Botswana’s Tuli Block, you learn to be as respectful of the elephants as of lions. Both are potentially dangerous, so you have to be alert all the time. Our outriders were armed with elephant…"

  43. Claudia Flisi reviewed Cotopaxi on horseback in Ecuador

    Herds of wild horses dot the paramo, the high-altitude mountain region of Ecuador, also home to llamas, feral pigs, bulls, and wolves. Above you in the Cotopaxi National Park are condors and the 6,000-metre cone of Cotopaxi itself: the highest snow-capp…"

  44. March 2009
  45. Claudia Flisi rated Riding the Balotra Horse Fair

  46. Claudia Flisi rated Western Ireland by Horse

  47. Claudia Flisi reviewed Western Ireland by Horse in Sligo, Ireland

    If you don’t have your own horse but ride as if you did, you can save money by taking a self-guided eight-day riding holiday on Ireland’s Western coast. “Self-guided” means just that: you and at least one other person show up at Horse Holiday Farm, you a…"

  48. Claudia Flisi reviewed Riding the Balotra Horse Fair in Jodhpur, India

    India’s Pushkar Camel Fair is world-famous, and various riding holidays are based on that destination. But horse lovers should find the Balotra Horse Fair, held every March in Rajasthan, even more compelling, since it is less touristy and more focu…"

  49. Claudia Flisi reviewed Machu Picchu on horseback in Sacred Valley, Peru

    Lots of riding vacations promise you breath-taking scenery, but few deliver as fully as the rides to Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes. The horse treks organized by Mountain Lodges of Peru, begin in Cusco, 3,400 meters high, and give riders a couple of…"

  50. Claudia Flisi rated Machu Picchu on horseback

  51. June 2007
  52. Claudia Flisi reviewed Naadam in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

    Many horse lovers go to Mongolia to see the famed Naadam Festival in early July. The event - featuring the three “manly arts” of horse racing, archery, and wrestling - is spectacular, and stadium seats are hard to come by. But for a unique thrill, try…"