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'Through the waves of malaria fever I swung the hang-glider clear of Everest with an inch to spare, as the snow leopard sank its teeth deep into the white water raft strapped to my parachute pack. Then the rip cord came off in my hand ...'

Stop! Woah there! If you're looking to find that kind of adrenaline stuff in my books and travel articles, forget it. What I love to do is walk and explore at slow pace in some of the most characterful bits of Europe. I've enjoyed just as much, and maybe learned more, by wandering the country lanes, the back hills and villages, especially in Britain and Ireland, as I have through adventures in the far-flung corners of the world to which a travel writer gets blown.

I have spent 25 years writing and broadcasting about country walks (and tougher hikes), life in remote rural and island communities from Scotland to Crete by way of the Faroes, music-making in Irish pubs, festivals from Spain to Sweden, and the pleasure and delight of telling stories and weaving yarns. Let this website lead you to enjoy them, too! Better still, hire me to write and broadcast some more!

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  1. August 2007
  2. Chris Somerville reviewed Mount Triglav Ascent in Villach, Slovenia

    Ascent of the magnificent three-headed peak of Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain at 9,396 ft (2, 864 m). Background by editor: The peak of snow capped and rocky Mount Triglav is topped with the Aljazev stolp a seven or eight foot round shed, b…"

  3. Chris Somerville reviewed Walking the Sperrin Hills in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

    "The Sperrin Hills in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland - small in compass, superb in range and atmosphere - Martin McGuigan (028 8075 8452. Mob: 07714 835 977 ) is the man here. Background by editor: The peaty, fertile Sperrin Mountains foothills are thi…"

  4. Chris Somerville reviewed E4 walking path through Crete in Crete, Greece

    300 miles from Kato Zakros in the east to Moni Hrissoskalitissas in the west, across 4 mountain ranges. An absolute bugger of a path, and an absolute adventure of a lifetime. See my new book about my walk along this fearsome and delightful trail, The Gol…"

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  6. Chris Somerville rated E4 walking path through Crete

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  10. Chris Somerville reviewed Walking the Burren in Southwest Ireland, Ireland

    Round the limestone domes of The Burren in County Clare in the west of Ireland - wild flower and archaeological treats a-go-go. Your man to go with is Michael Gibbons of the Connemara Walking Centre in Clifden - Background by editor: Both short and lo…"

  11. Chris Somerville reviewed Walking the Severn Estuary in Bristol, United Kingdom

    A beautiful, dynamic landscape leading to the sea. Background by editor: There are multiple trails along and around the Severn estuary, and you can walk for a few hours, a whole day or do a multi day trip up the river. Birdwatchers will enjoy a st…"

  12. Chris Somerville rated Walking the Pennine Way

  13. Chris Somerville reviewed Walking the Pennine Way in North West England, United Kingdom

    Upper Teesdale in spring, around the Pennine Way between Middleton-in-Teesdale and Cauldron Snout when the limestone landscape is jewelled with brilliant little royal blue spring gentians and nail-polish-pink alpine primroses."

  14. Chris Somerville reviewed Cape Wrath lighthouse to Kearvaig Bay walking trail in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Cape Wrath lighthouse to Kearvaig Bay up in NW Scotland - the loneliest moorland yomp imaginable. Highlights: Cape Wrath lighthouse, built in 1828 by the great Robert Stevenson * Lovely orchids on the Cape Wrath cliffs * Brooding, darkly dramatic cliff…"

  15. Chris Somerville rated Cape Wrath lighthouse to Kearvaig Bay walking trail

  16. Chris Somerville reviewed 'The Walk', Canvey Island in Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

    "Round the sea walls of Canvey Island with fans of the Essex island's iconic R&B band Dr Feelgood, on the Friday morning nearest 10 May each year - that's the birthday of the late Lee Brilleaux, the band's singer, and the walk - or The Walk, as we call it…"

  17. Chris Somerville reviewed Elgol to Camasunary Bay Walking Track in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Elgol to Camasunary Bay along the heart stopping mountain track, with the black teeth of the Cuillin Hills hanging behind the perfect fingernail of Camasunary's beach - an Isle of Skye treat, but not for the vertiginously-inclined. Background by edit…"

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  19. Chris Somerville rated Elgol to Camasunary Bay Walking Track

  20. Chris Somerville rated 'The Walk', Canvey Island

  21. Chris Somerville reviewed Walk the Glamorgan Heritage Coast in Cardiff, United Kingdom

    14 miles of just-about roadless coast. Background by editor: This trail along the Glamorgan coast covers 18 miles of trail between Aberthaw and Porthcawl, but will eventually pass all the way to Cardiff. The sites along the route are steep cliffs, chu…"