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Christine Fieldhouse has been a journalist for 25 years and although she loves her job as a freelance feature writer, she is never happier than when she's heading to the airport, or sipping an exotic cocktail while dipping her toes in the ocean. Christine's work appears regularly in the Daily Express, Sunday Express magazine S, the Daily Telegraph, The Northern Echo, Yours and Prima and she runs writing workshops and does library talks throughout the UK. Her travelling mates are husband Ian and their son Jack, who's nine, and can sniff out a water slide from a distance of 10k. So far they've been to Jamaica, Brazil, Austria, Greece, France, Switzerland and Italy. Christine also sneaks off and reviews UK hotels and spas, again claiming she's working. A graduate in French and German, she lived in Normandy for a year and can recognise a good glass of Calvados when she's offered one. She's the author of her autobiography Why Do Monsters Come Out at Night? published by Hay House, which contrasts her own childhood in Bradford with that of her well-travelled son. When she isn't pulling her turquoise suitcase on wheels, she walks, runs, reads, writes and daydreams about her next trip.

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  1. June 2009
  2. Christine Fieldhouse reviewed Pirate rafting in Taxenbach in Austria

    Clad in a black wetsuit and flippers, and waddling like a penguin, I leant over the boat and scrubbed with my scourer. Not my normal cleaning attire, I’d like to point out, but when you’re being given instructions from a pirate boss as mea‚Ķ"