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  1. November 2009
  2. chris commented on Cycle the East Coast of Taiwan in Taiwan

    "Hi YMC, Sorry for the late reply - I have been cycling in China. I like to start in Taipei. Most people will put their bikes in bike bags to get on a train or bus. Happy Trails, Chris"

  3. September 2009
  4. chris reviewed Cycle the East Coast of Taiwan in Taiwan

    The east coast of Taiwan is a sharp and welcome contrast to the rest of the country. With only 10% of the population living on this thin strip of land between the mountains and the sea, the east coast is a perfect place for cycling. Riding from Taipei in…"

  5. chris reviewed Taroko Gorge in Taiwan

    Join thousands in the Taroko Gorge Marathon where runners of all levels replace cars and tour buses in this yearly event. Taroko Gorge, located just north of Hualien City on Taiwan’s scenic east coast, is the country’s number one tourist att…"

  6. chris reviewed Orchid Island in Taiwan

    Remote, ruggedly beautiful and mostly forgotten by the rest of the Taiwanese population, Orchid Island sits 90km to the southeast of Taiwan in the South China Sea. After an often harrowing ferry ride or flight, the island lays waiting to be explored. Th…"

  7. chris reviewed Open-water swimming in Kenting in Taiwan

    "The “Olympic Hengchun Open Water Swimming for All” is an annual 3km swim that takes place in Nanwan (South Bay) near Kenting in Southern Taiwan. Bus loads of Taiwanese swimmers head down every April for the big event. There are usually over …"

  8. chris reviewed Hot Springs of Jiaoxi in Taiwan

    Jiaoxi is a small hot-spring town in Yilan County, and makes for a relaxing day or overnight trip from Taipei. Weekends are busiest and the most expensive; check-in on a weekday for huge discounts at empty hotels. There are a number of hot spring places…"

  9. chris reviewed Spend a semester learning Mandarin Chinese in Southern Taiwan in Taiwan

    Cities in like Tainan and Kaohsiung are great places to learn Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin is one of the two official languages spoken in Taiwan, the other being Taiwanese. Courses usually run 3-4 months. To qualify for a study visa you will need to be in…"

  10. chris reviewed Cycle the Southern Cross-Island Highway in Taiwan

    Cycle from coast to coast across the mountainous spine of Taiwan on the Southern Cross-Island Highway. Starting on the west coast in the southern port town of Kaoshiung, spend the day climbing to the aboriginal mountain village of Meishan. The road up i…"

  11. chris reviewed Dive with Hammerhead sharks off Green Island in Taiwan

    Taiwan has some of the best diving in Asia according to Andy Gray, long time Taiwan resident and owner of Taiwan Dive. There are a number of excellent dive sites, and an enormous variety of marine life. This includes some rather special visitors: every y…"

  12. chris reviewed Donggang Boat Burning Festival in Taiwan

    "Travel to Donggang, a small fishing town on the south-west coast of Taiwan, to witness the Boat Burning Festival. This is a very local folk festival, far from cosmopolitan Taipei. The burning of the full-size sailed ship is meant to send the plague god b…"