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Cherrye Moore grew up in rural Southeast Texas in the heart of the Big Thicket. She began writing at an early age and became a published writer in her teens. After college she worked for the mouse in Orlando and was offered a position with the World Exchange Program at Disneyland Paris in France. There she met her future husband and embarked on her Calabrese adventure. In addition to writing, she and her husband own and operate Il Cedro Bed and Breakfast in Catanzaro, Italy. You can read more about Cherrye on her blog, My Bella Vita.

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  1. August 2009
  2. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Tour del Gelato: Gelateria Cesare in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

    Remember last week when I told you all about my day trip to Reggio Calabria? Oh you know … where I found those buns of bronze?"

  3. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Five Air Travel Tips for Your First Flight

    Sometimes frequent fliers take things for granted that a first-time flier might find hard to understand. Phrases such as “security check,” “three ounce liquids” and “exit row responsibilities” are common-talk to world travelers, yet they could make a newb"

  4. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Five Tips to Keep You Safe When Traveling Abroad

    I don’t know what it is about vacationers, but for some reason many of us tend to let our guards down and do things-sometimes irresponsible things-we wouldn’t normally do at home."

  5. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Travel Tip: When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    How many of you have ever been in a new country-or visited with people from a foreign country-and committed a true traveler’s faux pas?"

  6. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Travel Tip: How to Spend Your First Day of Vacation

    I know what you are thinking. You only have two weeks for your big overseas vacation and you want to maximize time and see as much of that new country as possible. You’ve probably spent months planning your trip-and even longer saving up for it and nothin"

  7. May 2009
  8. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post 25 More Tips for Traveling in Italy

    Last week’s 25 Tips for Traveling in Italy was a huge success and readers, bloggers, Facebook friends and tweeters weighed in on the issue. Here are 25 more tips for traveling in Italy from some of the most experience Italophiles in the world."

  9. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post How not to get robbed in Rome

    In honor of Rome Week here at My Bella Vita, this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday is all about holding on to your dough in the Eternal City. With more than three million residents and 20 million annual visitors, it is easy to see how those rough Roman Gladiator"

  10. April 2009
  11. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Eating out in Southern Italy, Part I: Who Pays What, When

    An Italian friend of mine was recently at a pizzeria in Naples and caught the following scene …"

  12. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Four Tips for Choosing an Italian Vacation

    Last week we discussed how to choose a European vacation. Let’s take it one step further and assume you chose Italy … and why wouldn’t you? There is a lot to love about this place."

  13. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Five Great Things to See in Calabria

    Did you know Calabria was the 10th largest region in the Bel Paese? Well it is. With more square kilometers than world-famous Liguria or Campania and just slightly smaller than Rome’s Lazio, Bella Calabria has a lot to offer."

  14. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Calabria Mourns for L’Aquila Earthquake Victims

    By the time America was waking up on Monday morning, I’d received countless emails and Facebook messages from concerned friends in the Americas …"

  15. February 2009
  16. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post Calabrian Festivals for Every Season

    Like other festival-bearing regions in the Bel Paese, Calabrian months are filled with parties paying homage to everything from Mother Maria to wild mushrooms to snails and nothing punctuates a Calabrian vacation like getting in on the action."

  17. January 2009
  18. Cherrye Moore wrote a blog post How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Southern Italy

    "Some of the most reoccurring questions we get from foreign visitors planning to visit our bed and breakfast in southern Italy are “How should we dress?” “What should we should wear?” “What can we bring so we don’t stand out?”"