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Like many people I'm an amateur discoverer, explorer, a person with an appetite for travel and good coffee. I've spent some time as an expat in both Japan and Korea and this has given me opportunities to travel around Asia, sample exotic foods, wander through bush-clad mountains, and become overwhelmed with temple incense smoke. Future plans will see me venture beyond Asia, onto the America's and whatever intrepid travels lay ahead there. No matter where I go, I will always be on the look-out for some good caffeine (and non-caffeine).

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  1. June 2009
  2. Cate Dowman wrote a blog post Survival of the fittest -tips for staying healthy on the road

    With WHO about to announce Swine Flu at the pandemic stage, I thought it was a good idea to repost this topic."

  3. Cate Dowman wrote a blog post How to train it in China and survive

    The idea of train travel abroad can be daunting and if you add the words China, crowded stations, and limited english facilities, it’s enough to bring on an anxiety attack even to the hardcore traveller."

  4. Cate Dowman wrote a blog post An ancient mosque, potato powder, and rambling streets – Xi’an’s Muslim Quarters

    Xi’an’s Muslim Quarters is where tourists walk around eyes wide in delight; or mouths closed in discomfort. It is active, busy and raw."

  5. May 2009
  6. Cate Dowman wrote a blog post Eight hours in North Korea: a cold reality check

    Yesterday, I went to Kaesong in North Korea. I have no evidence that I visited North Korea; no visa, passport stamp, tourist card or photos that you wouldn’t find outside a tourist pamphlet."

  7. Cate Dowman commented on Border crossing to Iraq

    "This is good news, I was thinking about crossing around here and it's good to hear that it's relatively low key. "

  8. Cate Dowman wrote a blog post Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, high tea redefined

    Tropical Malaysia may not conjure up images of highlands and mountainous terrain to most travellers. Instead it’s the country’s golden sandy beaches, coconut trees and crystal clear sea that first come to mind."

  9. April 2009
  10. Cate Dowman wrote a blog post Recollections of sitting; Malaysia’s Jungle Train

    Sometimes journeys can take the romantic traveller on fairytale adventures only found in lost stories: expeditions to faraway castles, overland treks to pyramids; or hair raising car rides around chaotic cities. Sometimes, journeys just take us to the cor"