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5th July 2007

Caroline Marsh-Subkaew was born in the UK with a textiles design background and travel her passion. She is co-founder of an Independent Alternative Tour Operator since 1988 along with her Thai partner, Chaiyan. They are based in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. The many enriching and rewarding experiences of people and places discovered they want to share with others. Their commitment to the environment, cultures and communities reflects the 25 years that they have been in operation. "...They have followed principles of sustainable tourism in the vulnerable environment of northern Thailand's ethinic minorities since well before 'ecotourism' became an industry buzzword..."

'Let Trekking Collective Co. take you on an unique personal journey of Northern

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  1. August 2008
  2. Caroline Marsh rated Doi Chiang Dao

  3. Caroline Marsh rated Visit the Mae Nam Taeng Valley Elephant

  4. Caroline Marsh rated Tribes of Northern Thailand

  5. September 2007
  6. Caroline Marsh reviewed Tribes of Northern Thailand in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Over the last two centuries northern Thailand has become home to many hill - tribal minority groups migrating across the vast mountainous border between China, Myanmar and Laos. Political and economic unrest has bought these people here with many having …"

  7. August 2007
  8. Caroline Marsh reviewed Visit the Mae Nam Taeng Valley Elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    My first encounter with Thai elephants was hanging on precariously to an elephant howdah during a monsoon downpour in the forests of Northern Thailand. A time to really appreciate and respect the sure footedness of such a relatively huge pachyderm trave…"

  9. Caroline Marsh reviewed Doi Chiang Dao in Northern Thailand, Thailand

    Having first seen Doi Chiang Dao 20 or so years ago it was and still is a magical place making the hair on the nape of your neck prickle as it comes it to view never failling to conjure up Buddhist legends from chronicles and fairy tales of the historica…"