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Carl Hoffman is traveling for The Lunatic Express, to be published by Broadway Books in 2009. He is a contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler and Wired magazines, and his stories about travel, adventure and technology – and often the nexus between them – also appear frequently in Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Men’s Journal and Popular Mechanics. His first book, Hunting Warbirds: The Obsessive Quest for the Lost Aircraft of World War II, was published by Ballantine Books in 2001.

He’ll be posting on his blog every two or three days and on Twitter from his cell phone:

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  1. March 2009
  2. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Returning Home

    One of the opportunities afforded by writing a book like Lunatic is to put a long journey into perspective and to look back over my notes."

  3. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Traveling Alone

    One of the things I’m pondering while looking back at my notes and writing Lunatic is the idea of traveling alone, of escaping into the furthest corners of the world, which has always felt good to me."

  4. February 2009
  5. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Luck and Chance and Life and Traveling

    The crash of Continental Flight 3407 in Buffalo on February 11, 19 days after ending my traveling is a strange reminder of the unpredictability of, well, your fate."

  6. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Slumdog and Lunatic

    Slumdog Millionaire’s victory at the Oscars last night, just at the time I’m working on Lunatic, reminded me again of the importance of plain old story, told simply and well."

  7. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.

    When I landed in Los Angeles I was a five-hour flight from home, which is why climbing on a Greyhound for 72 hours of sitting bolt upright instead took enormous willpower."

  8. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Ulaan Baatar to Vladivostok

    From Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia to Vladivostok took four days. Long days of rolling, rolling through snow and naked brown trees and under white skies, and over frozen rivers, a landscape without end that never changed."

  9. January 2009
  10. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Zamyn Uud to Ulaan Bataar

    In the cold of 40 below zero, everything is sharp. The moon, one day from being full, is big and luminous and so clearly defined it looks like you could slice your finger on its edges. It hangs over the darkness of the Gobi Desert..."

  11. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Urumqi to Hohhot

    The Lunatic Express in China is more comedic than lunatic. When I left Delhi I left many things behind, some unfortunately more precious than others. Like my guide to China. I now speak about five words of Mandarin..."

  12. Carl Hoffman wrote a blog post Culture Shock

    When I arrived in Kabul the airport seemed deserted; my ride didn’t show and I had to walk into the eerie stillness of a black night to find a taxi and I thought I’d be kidnapped for sure."