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11th May 2007

Cam is a Campaigns Co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth (FoE), and has worked for them since 1989. He has worked on forestry, mining, corporate activity, climate change and anti nuclear campaigns and has travelled widely in his work with FoE International. He currently lectures part time at the school of Social Science and Planning at RMIT University in Melbourne.
When time allows, he walks, skis and climbs in the south east of Australia and Tasmania. He is pictured with daughter, Mia.

Cam's Recommendations:
"When many people think of rainforest, they tend to visualise of steamy tropical jungle. For me, I dream of the cool temperate forests that exist up high in mountains or a long way north or south of the equator. My recommendations reflect this pre-occupation, which is not to say all those tropical wonderlands aren't equally amazing. It also tends to focus on Australia – which is better known for being hot and dry – but still has some pockets of rainforest unlike anything else on the planet."

Friends of the Earth, Australia

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  1. February 2009
  2. Cam Walker rated Mount Bogong

  3. Cam Walker reviewed Mount Bogong in Victoria, Australia

    Mount Bogong is the highest mountain in Victoria (at slightly under 2,000 metres). It has a nice remote feeling as the main access is from the valley around the township of Mount Beauty, which requires a climb of well over 1,000 metres. It has a wonder…"

  4. January 2009
  5. Cam Walker rated Rock climbing on Mount Buffalo

  6. September 2008
  7. Cam Walker rated Mount Field National Park

  8. Cam Walker rated Ducane Range, Tasmania

  9. Cam Walker reviewed Ducane Range, Tasmania in Tasmania, Australia

    Most people interested in walking will know of the Overland Track, Australia's most popular long distance trail. This wonderful walk can be wall-to-wall people during the 'walking season' from November to April (you need to book in to walk the track duri…"

  10. October 2007
  11. Cam Walker reviewed Rock climbing on Mount Buffalo in Victoria, Australia

    The Buffalo plateau is a classic 'island in the sky', a unique high altitude area surrounded by lower country. It is an outlier of the hills that make up the Australian Alps and offers fantastic views back into these mountains. It is a great old granite …"

  12. June 2007
  13. Cam Walker rated Ecuador's Cloud Forests & their Wildlife

  14. Cam Walker rated The Daintree

  15. Cam Walker rated The Mersey River Forests

  16. Cam Walker rated Goolengook Valley

  17. Cam Walker rated The Franklin and Lower Gordon Rivers

  18. Cam Walker rated Alaska's Back Country Rainforests

  19. May 2007
  20. Cam Walker reviewed The Daintree in Queensland, Australia

    While thousands of people visit the Daintree, in far North Queensland, you can still escape from it all and experience the ancient sense of this place. Famously known as the place where 'the rainforest meets the Reef', it is home to one of the largest …"

  21. Cam Walker reviewed Mount Field National Park in Tasmania, Australia

    Although the forests of Mt Field are a pocket of old growth in an area of heavy logging, its beauty is remarkable. In a short drive you travel from incredible old growth Swamp Gum forest (the tallest flowering plant in the world) and massive tree ferns i…"

  22. Cam Walker reviewed The Mersey River Forests in Tasmania, Australia

    The Overland track is probably Australia's best known long distance walk, covering around 85 kilometres through the mountains of central west Tasmania. In the central section of this walk, the track enters the Mersey River, where ancient rainforests are …"

  23. Cam Walker reviewed The Franklin and Lower Gordon Rivers in Tasmania, Australia

    Back in the early 1980s, a massive community campaign stopped the flooding of these rivers, the last large un-dammed wild systems in Tasmania. The lower end of the catchment is a massive plain covered in rainforest and bordered by button grass plains (a …"

  24. Cam Walker reviewed Alaska's Back Country Rainforests in Alaska, United States

    For vast back country rainforest, it is hard to go past the tangle of forests that line the western seaboard of North America north of Vancouver. The landscape is an enormous interface between a maze of inlets, with Orca in the water, and incredible fore…"

  25. Cam Walker reviewed Ecuador's Cloud Forests & their Wildlife in Quito, Ecuador

    Mainland Ecuador has three general regions - the Amazon, the mountains and the Pacific Coast. Heading up from the coast and over the Andes toward the Amazon Basin, you pass through a range of ecosystems, including sub alpine Paramo system. The cloud for…"

  26. Cam Walker reviewed Goolengook Valley in Victoria, Australia

    Part of the traditional lands of the Bidawel people, Goolengook has been a hotly contested area since it was 'discovered' by forest activists in 1996. Following the longest community blockade of forestry operations ever held in Victoria, which ended when…"