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Bruno Toutain is the Managing Director of Cyclomondo, a France-based bike touring company. Launched in 2003, Cyclomundo is the fruition of a love of cycling, discovering the world, and connecting people. A one-of-a-kind bike travel company, Cyclomundo offers a vast array of self-guided itineraries, as well as flexible and tailor-made “biking à la carte” trips throughout France, Catalonia in Spain, Switzerland, and Northern Italy. The trips are especially suited for individuals, couples, and families, for leisure or serious cycling or both, and there are a multitude of itineraries for all levels and interests. Whether your dream cycling vacation is to make the most of discovering a regions’ beauty, culture, history, or gastronomic heritage, maximize cycling miles, or train for a cyclo-sportive, Cyclomundo has something to please everyone.

Cycling is the lifeblood of Bruno Toutain and much more than just a sport. His philosophy is that cycling is center of an environment friendly, green-minded universe, not only bringing people closer, but opening up ways to have fun, enjoy life, and explore the world. Passionate about all types of cycling, Bruno has travelled the world with his bicycle and knows first-hand how at the pace of life on two wheels, cycling allows people to mingle more effectively with locals, interact with the scenery in a more intimate way, and discover countless and unexpected pleasures unequalled in other forms of getting around. Cycling, travelling, and meeting people make Bruno tick!

Prior to setting up Cyclomundo, Bruno spent 12 years working for the Monaco Government Tourist Office (MGTO) in New York, as well as the Caen Chamber of Commerce, and Marketing Challenges International, a New York based marketing and sales office for French travel companies. As a manager for MGTO, Bruno was responsible for a wide variety of tasks and projects, including providing the tourism and travel agent community with Monaco information and consulting and advising hotel partners on new travel-related technologies for simplified travel planning. Always concerned about the environment, he strove to make the NY office a paperless or less-paper workplace, minimizing printing and maximizing the use of technology. In 1995, together with Gale Force Computing, Bruno developed and implemented the first European tourist office website. Bruno also was awarded the distinction of being featured in Travel Agent Magazine as one of the 100 Rising Stars in the travel industry.

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