Bruce Beehler

Bruce Beehler is an ornithologist and tropical ecologist, currently serving as Vice President for Melanesia at Conservation International in Washington, DC.
Beehler has spent much of his scientific career studying the birds of the Southwest Pacific and South Asia. After conducting pre-doctoral and doctoral fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, Beehler worked for 10 years at the National Museum of Natural History, followed by stints at the Wildlife Conservation Society, U.S. Department of State, and Counterpart International. Today he oversees a field program that conducts conservation initiatives in Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Papua (easternmost Indonesia). Beehler is author or co-author of several natural history books: Birds of New Guinea (Princeton), The Birds of Paradise (Oxford), A Naturalist in New Guinea (Texas), A Biodiversity Assessment for Papua New Guinea (Biodiversity Support Program), and Birdlife of the Adirondack Park (Adirondack Mt. Club).

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  1. August 2007
  2. Bruce Beehler reviewed Birding at Point Pelee, Ontario in Canada

    Simply put, in mid-May, Point Pelee is the place to be for migrant landbirds in eastern North America. It is the best place to see concentrations of spring plumage warblers and other songbirds under ideal conditions, the birds being low to the ground and…"

  3. Bruce Beehler rated Birding at Point Pelee, Ontario

  4. June 2007
  5. Bruce Beehler rated Mamberamo Basin

  6. Bruce Beehler rated Lakekamu Basin

  7. Bruce Beehler rated The hike from Kakoro to Wau via Biaru

  8. Bruce Beehler rated Periyar Tiger Reserve

  9. Bruce Beehler rated Namdapha National Park

  10. Bruce Beehler rated Sinharaja Forest

  11. Bruce Beehler rated The Bird's Head

  12. Bruce Beehler rated Karawari Lodge

  13. Bruce Beehler rated Ambua Lodge

  14. Bruce Beehler rated Kumal Lodge

  15. May 2007
  16. Bruce Beehler reviewed Karawari Lodge in Papua New Guinea

    "Perched atop a sharp ridge overlooking the jungle-clad Karawari River, the Karawari Lodge (accessible only by bush plane) offers a safe and sensory-overloaded visit to New Guinea’s lowland jungles and jungle people. Great for birders and people watchers.…"

  17. Bruce Beehler reviewed Namdapha National Park in India

    India’s far northeast is home to many of the Subcontinent’s most spectacular rainforests. Namdapha National Park is perhaps the jewel in the crown of India’s tiger reserves, with incredibly rich wet subtropical forests that range from foothills to snowca…"

  18. Bruce Beehler reviewed Mamberamo Basin in Jayapura, Indonesia

    Like a larger and wilder version of the Lakekamu Basin, Papua’s Mamberamo is an eight million hectare wilderness access only by mission bushplane. Surrounded by mountains, the Mamberamo is home to crocodiles, wallabies, tree kangaroos, and cassowaries, …"

  19. Bruce Beehler reviewed Periyar Tiger Reserve in Jalpaiguri, India

    India’s mountain-studded far south is home to picturesque tea and pepper plantations, and remnant forests rich with big game. Although the choices of forest reserves in this area, known as the Western Ghats, are diverse, perhaps Periyar is the most frie…"

  20. Bruce Beehler reviewed The Bird's Head in Papua New Guinea

    A superb mix of jungle, high mountains, reef-clad island groups, and turtle beaches—the Bird’s Head is New Guinea’s most remarkable region for the adventurous jungle trekker. Hike into the Arfak Mountains, readily accessible from Manokwari, or boat out…"

  21. Bruce Beehler reviewed Ambua Lodge in Papua New Guinea

    For Papua New Guinea’s best high-end montane rainforest experience, Ambua Lodge offers the very best birding in New Guinea. Situated at 7,500 feet elevation on the slopes of Doma Peaks, Ambua Lodge overlooks the verdant Tari Valley, home of the fantastic…"

  22. Bruce Beehler reviewed Kumal Lodge in Papua New Guinea

    "Tiny Kumul Lodge, sitting on a saddle of the Mount Hagen Volcano, offers a wonderful montane rainforest experience in Papua New Guinea’s central highlands. The lodge is managed by a local Enga clan, and offers cozy and plush individual bush-hut rooms (w…"

  23. Bruce Beehler reviewed Lakekamu Basin in Papua New Guinea

    "For the stout of heart, a real jungle experience is a visit to the Lakekamu Basin, one of Papua New Guinea’s untouched lowland rainforests. Travel to the Basin from Port Moresby by bus and motor canoe, or charter a Cessna into Kakoro, in the heart of the…"

  24. Bruce Beehler reviewed The hike from Kakoro to Wau via Biaru in Papua New Guinea

    "For cross-country rainforest trekkers, I suggest the hike from Wau (in Morobe Province) to Kakoro (in Gulf Province) as the finest in Papua New Guinea. Requiring three or four full days of strenuous trekking, this route takes you into back country where …"

  25. Bruce Beehler reviewed Sinharaja Forest in Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka’s last lowland wet forests can be found south of the central mountains at Sinharaja. Rich with birdlife and also leech-infested, every naturalist visiting Sri Lanka should visit this remarkable remnant rainforest, a habitat that is all but lost…"