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An Influencer – a PR guru. Writer, communicator, reviewer, commentator, consultant and strategist. A scoundrel but in the same glance a nice guy. Difficult to fathom, but worldly in adventures and an expert in the unplanned.

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  1. August 2011
  2. Blair Metcalfe wrote a blog post "World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking Championship"

    The next "World Testicle & Aphrodisiac Cooking Championship" will take place on 2nd September 2011 at the Ovcar Banja tourist resort and spa."

  3. September 2010
  4. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Seattle Art Museum in Seattle, United States

    There are three main parts to the Seattle Art Museum, or SAM, the main museum in the city's downtown, the extensive Asian collection and – because some of their pieces are huge – a sculpture park. The art deco building that now houses the As…"

  5. April 2010
  6. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Agua Azul in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    The name of these falls translates to blue-water-falls, and the water does look blue, bright blue in fact, as it cascades down several small falls almost fountain-like. It's a 60km drive out of Palenque to these waterfalls on the road towards San Crist&…"

  7. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Izamal in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    Colonial gem called the 'The Yellow City”, for its yellow painted buildings, and “The City of Hills” for its hills – which are now thought to be Mayan pyramids that have thoroughly grown over. It's taken archaeologists decades of…"

  8. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Xcalak in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    Only about 400 people live in Xcalak, though that's changing at quite a rapid rate as word spreads about this pocket of peace and quiet in the midst of cruise ship shore leave mecca. That we're writing about it as being one of the last bastions of unspo…"

  9. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Dzibanché in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    These well preserved ruins have the temple pyramid complex Mayan ruins are known for, but it's said that it's more like the Guatemalan temples, like Tikal for example, than the Yucatan Peninsular's other ruins. It's not unusual for this to be the case, …"

  10. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Punta Laguna and Ma'ax Yetel Kooh Nature Reserve in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    On the fringes of the Mayan Riviera tourist developments is the Ma'ax Yetel Kooh Nature Reserve, which, as well as preserving Mayan ruins and animals who exist within its forest boundaries, has also preserved a few small towns on its borders – like…"

  11. Blair Metcalfe reviewed National Palace, Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico

    On this stop key decisions about Mexico and the people of Mexico have been made since before there was even a Mexico.  This is possible because the current pinkish stone building was built on top of the Palace of Moctezuma II, who was the last ruler…"

  12. November 2009
  13. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Zselic Natural Reserve in Hungary

    Zselic Natural Reserve is in south west Hungary and is best known to the rest of the world for its golf course – but off the rolling greens are more rolling green – this time there's the brown stripes of wooded areas as well, and here and the…"

  14. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Parc National du Mont Mégantic in Quebec, Canada

    The Parc National du Mont Mégantic is in Quebec, but don't confuse it with the city of Quebec, this park is definitely not in a city – in fact it's so far from the city that it's been named as one of the places in the world with the least li…"

  15. September 2009
  16. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Windsurfing Essaouira in Essaouira, Morocco

    The trade winds hit the waters of this bay in a way that keeps them flat and smooth. It's like magic for windsurfers and kitesurfers. The main bay has flat water at the town end but it gets choppier as you move downwind. The winds are strongest in sum…"

  17. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Île de Mogador in Essaouira, Morocco

    Île de Mogador is just off the coast and is a falcon sanctuary, as well as being the famous Purple Isles talked about in the history of this place. You can admire the falcons from a distance with binoculars if you like, but it's possible to go out…"

  18. August 2009
  19. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Musée des Blindés: Tank Museum in Loire Valley, France

    This is one of the world's largest tank museums because it has one of the world's largest collections of tanks – but also because it has the largest number of operational tanks and do impressive tank display manoeuvres.  Amongst your 880 or so…"

  20. July 2009
  21. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Sörmland Sea Kayaking in Stockholm, Sweden

    Choosing a kayak as your mode of transport means you have even greater agility and flexibility.  It's also cheap, considering wild camping is accepted on almost all of the islands, and scenic: your combined paddling and floating speed is around the …"

  22. October 2008
  23. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Saint Thomas in U.S. Virgin Islands

    Named after a male saint, the capital of this island has a very pretty girl’s name, Charlotte Amalie. These lovely titles, along with kingfisher blue water, latte foam sand and picturesquely fading sugar plantations, have attracted almost half the…"

  24. September 2008
  25. Blair Metcalfe reviewed The Hague's Survival Pods in The Hague, Netherlands

    For the ultimate in safety, spend your overnight stays in The Hague in a bright orange survival pod. The hard ones not the blow up ones, these look like flying saucers, with a rim midway round like a bowl and tiny square windows. Inside you can expect …"

  26. August 2008
  27. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Cenote Diving on the Mayan Riviera in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    Mexico’s underside is mostly limestone which has been hollowed out by the ocean into a whole system of tunnels, caves and caverns called cenotes. Like other underground water systems these caves are still chambers, reverent with stalagmites and st…"

  28. May 2008
  29. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Shackleton Glacier in Antarctica

    Stunning, remote and dangerous more than anything else, the Shackleton Glacier isn’t somewhere most people get the opportunity to go which is probably why adventurous souls are drawn there. The glacier bed comes from the bare rock Roberts Massif onto th…"

  30. December 2007
  31. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Old town Quito in Quito, Ecuador

    A walking tour of the historic center in Quito is a relaxing way to start your sightseeing in Ecuador’s high-altitude capital city. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and considered to be one of the best preserved old towns in Latin America, …"

  32. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Issyk Kul Lake in Chust, Uzbekistan

    Translated to mean ‘warm lake’, Issyk Kul is surrounded by snow capped mountains, yet edged by sand beaches and its melted snow water is warmed when mingling with hot springs. A popular Soviet era resort, the grand hotels have now been repla…"

  33. September 2007
  34. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Cave Diving under the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia, Australia

    Lying 90m under the sun scorched red dust of the Nullarbor lie some of the worlds largest underground cave systems, spreading for mile after mile of cold cavernous darkness. These caves have been formed over thousands of years out of the limestone that …"

  35. Blair Metcalfe reviewed The Great Silk Road on horse back in Kyrgyzstan

    The Silk Road across Central Asia is, historically, one of the great riding trails of history. This wide expanse of flat plains and seemingly empty wilderness in the heart of Central Asia, held in on all sides by spectacular mountains and deserts, was on…"

  36. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Helicopter Pub Crawl, Rosehill in Sydney, Australia

    Whoever came up with the idea of combining a helicopter flight with a pub crawl must be a fun person to be around. On a normal pub crawl you see a lot of similar looking pubs and the atmosphere is generally (in my experience) pretty seedy, but on this o…"

  37. Blair Metcalfe reviewed The Cresta Run in Switzerland

    This famous ice run is known for being one of the world’s most thrilling experiences: lying face down against a light, fragile seeming, metal sled only inches from the ice you wait… then plummet down a smooth white chute, through perversely tight corner…"

  38. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Bräcke Ice Rally in Norrland, Sweden

    What is more extreme than driving a rally car or sports car? How about driving a rally car on a surface so slippery you can hardly stand up on it? How about driving on a frozen lake? Jump in your Porsche 911 with its competition clutch, 3.2 litre engi…"

  39. July 2007
  40. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Surf the Severn Bore in Bristol, United Kingdom

    The Severn bore is an incredibly long wave running up against the current into the river from the sea. Like normal waves it rolls across three or four crests following on another and like normal waves you can surf on it (thought you‘re not supposed to, …"

  41. Blair Metcalfe reviewed Genghis Khan Warrior Training in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

    When it all gets a little too much, swap your suit for a traditional Mongolian 'del' robe and become a warrior nomad. Student's at warrior school learn the power and philosophy behind the Mongol Empire through classes in 13th Century battle tactics, arch…"