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13th June 2007

Andrew Broan: BikeBrat and round the world cyclist

After taking our two-year pedal around the globe, I wanted to keep cycling, and found a job leading bike tours in France for gay Americans. That was eight years ago, and since then I've expanded somewhat and now lead tours --only some of them cycling, alas-- all over the world. In 2006 for instance, I led gay group tours on all seven continents. Those few days of the year that I'm not on the road I live in Tucson, Arizona, where I spend as much time as possible on the trail, hiking and biking in the beautiful Sonoran desert. My current dream is to bike from my house in Tucson to the Tierra del Fuego, at the bottom of South America.

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  1. January 2008
  2. BikeBrats rated Cycle the Anti-Atlas Mountains

  3. BikeBrats reviewed Cycle the Anti-Atlas Mountains in Southern Desert, Morocco

    A country that screams to be explored by bicycle, with great roads and weather, fantastic sites and scenery, outrageously friendly people and a seductive medieval ambiance. If you're coming by ferry from Spain, don't miss the green valleys of the north…"

  4. BikeBrats reviewed Cycling New Zealand's South Island in Christchurch, New Zealand

    A legendary destination for cycletourists. The South Island is prettier, but more challenging, with worse weather. The West Coast route here is a popular and highly scenic route but VERY rainy. Pedal over surprisingly short Haast Pass towards Wanaka a…"

  5. BikeBrats rated Cycling New Zealand's South Island

  6. BikeBrats reviewed Cycling the Loire Valley in Angers, France

    Pretty much the whole country is a great cycling destination, at least in the warmer months. Reason being: an excellent network of secondary and tertiary roads, unbelievably varied scenery and terrain, a heavily-developed cycling culture (think Tour de …"

  7. BikeBrats rated Cycling the Loire Valley

  8. June 2007
  9. BikeBrats reviewed Cycling Lombok in Indonesia

    A little-known cycling paradise, one island east of Bali. It's loaded with quiet roads plied chiefly by water buffalo or cidomo, the colorful pony carts unique to the island. You'll experience a million different shades of green and a serenity you only…"

  10. BikeBrats reviewed Cycling the Danube from Passau to Budapest in Passau, Germany

    The longest and most-developed cycling trail in Europe is ideal for novices and/or families.  Most of the way you have a choice of banks to follow, with loads of interesting sites to choose from.  Stay in tiny villages where catering to cyclists is the m…"

  11. BikeBrats reviewed Cycling on the Lofoten Islands in Nord-Norge, Norway

    Take the ferry from Bodo to another dimension, a dreamscape of pointy peaks and impossibly quaint fishing villages.  An added bonus if you come in the early summer is that you can ride whenever you like, basking in the midnight sun (if it's not raining,…"

  12. BikeBrats reviewed Transamerica Bicycle Trail in US West Coast, United States

    Running from Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia, this historic route was developed in 1976 for the U.S. bicentennial and still enjoys a mythic status thirty years later.  Covering 4,217 miles from coast to coast, it passes through some of America's mo…"

  13. BikeBrats reviewed Cycling in Mexico in Mexico

    From the flatlands of Yucatan to the uber-rugged Pacific coast, Mexico has something for every cyclist.  Everyone I know who's made the ultra-trek from Alaska to Patagonia claims that Mexico was their favourite part of the journey, and it's no surprise. …"

  14. BikeBrats reviewed From Tucuman to the Bolivian boarder on a bike in Tucumán, Argentina

    From Tucuman to the Bolivian border, you'll pass through a mind-blowing array of ecosystems and cultures, gawking at the majesty of the Andes while staying in easy-to-ride valleys.  Visit the deserted Inca ruins of Quilmes before heading into the wine co…"

  15. BikeBrats reviewed Southern Arizona Biking in Tucson, United States

    This is where I live, after all, 360 days of sunshine in this region makes for great pedalling. Tucson is considered by many to be the best cycling city in the USA, and a great place to resupply before heading out into the wilds. Favourite routes take …"