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Having worked in law for 25 years and raised several children I took it upon myself as I have gotten older to spend more time doing the things I enjoy. Traveling to places famed for their marine environments and living off boats and on tropical islands has helped me to decide on a new career path in marine conservation, something that is both valuable to myself and the rest of the world and something I feel particularly passionate about.
I have been careful in my recommendations to take into account the state of the reef you would be visiting and to advise you of any damage your visit could cause. Please refer to these excellent resources for more practical details about visiting coral reefs.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coral Reef Conservation Program:
Reef Relief:
Global Coral Reef Alliance:

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  1. April 2008
  2. Becky White reviewed Curacao Underwater Park, Jan Thiel Bay in Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

    Curaçao’s southern shore is a line of almost pristine tropical beach separated by interesting and beautiful rock formations where much marine life shelters. The waters here are very clear and still, ideal for beginners and people with kids. At Jan Thie…"

  3. Becky White rated Curacao Underwater Park, Jan Thiel Bay

  4. Becky White rated Snorkeling Pigeon Cayes and Utila

  5. Becky White reviewed Snorkeling Pigeon Cayes and Utila in Honduras

    Utila has a beautiful, shallow fringing reef spreading out from it looking like a halo from the air, ensuring you don’t have to go far off shore to take advantage of the incredible snorkelling conditions. In many places the shallow reefs end in dramatic…"

  6. March 2008
  7. Becky White reviewed Nusa Tenggara Island Reefs in Indonesia

    The reefs off this arch of small volcanic islands are in a perfect position to take advantage of the nutritious water of the Java trench, which is why it’s here you can find coral surviving in deeper water than in most other coral reef growths. These re…"

  8. Becky White rated Aldabra Atoll Reefs

  9. Becky White rated The Great Bahama Banks

  10. Becky White rated Nusa Tenggara Island Reefs

  11. Becky White reviewed Aldabra Atoll Reefs in Seychelles

    This shallow, coral reef lined lagoon is protected by four islands from the damaging forces of the sea and by it’s remoteness from human damage which is why it remains one of the last enclaves of the giant tortoise. The reefs here are in better conditio…"

  12. Becky White reviewed The Great Bahama Banks in Bahamas

    This ancient reef system has been growing on itself for thousands and thousands of years. Passing by the cliff like reef edges divers can see the layers of limestone in interesting shapes that has been the reefs skeleton, a truly unique sight. Coral gr…"

  13. October 2007
  14. Becky White reviewed Great Mayan Reef (Meso American Reef) in Cancún, Mexico

    Off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsular stretching past Belize and on towards Honduras is the Great Mayan or Meso American Reef, at almost 750 miles the worlds second longest reef, comprised of coral atolls, fringing reefs, barrier reefs and large c…"

  15. Becky White rated Great Mayan Reef (Meso American Reef)

  16. August 2007
  17. Becky White reviewed Reefs of the Society Islands in French Polynesia

    On the western edge of French Polynesia lie the reef fringed Society Islands which include Tahiti, Bora Bora, Huahine and Moorea. The reefs and their marine life vary slightly from island to island and some are in better conditions that others but there…"

  18. Becky White reviewed Shiraho Lagoon Reef in Japan

    This is one of the most amazing coral reefs you can expect to see. You walk into a contained world of shape and colour to rival any wonder of the world. Shiraho is also environmentally significant and has some of the world’s oldest coral growths and ex…"

  19. Becky White reviewed Raja Ampats in Indonesia

    The reefs off Raja Ampats are called by some ‘the new Palau’, for their similarity in marine diversity and remoteness to Palau, one of the diving world’s most sensational discoveries. Reef biologists have discovered an abundant array of coral species a…"

  20. Becky White rated Shiraho Lagoon Reef

  21. Becky White rated Reefs of the Society Islands

  22. Becky White rated Raja Ampats

  23. Becky White rated Belize Barrier Reef

  24. Becky White reviewed Belize Barrier Reef in Belize

    Belize has a variety of reef ecosystems off it’s shores, the largest of which is the Belize Barrier Reef, the earths second largest barrier reef system. The variety of reef and lagoon environment makes Belize home to a huge diversity of coral and marine…"