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  1. March 2010
  2. Becky Tomes reviewed Dunster Castle and its ghosts in West Country, United Kingdom

    The current castle on the top of Dunster Hill is Grade 1 listed and lovely, but much of it was built in the 18th Century – so not as old as it could be seeing as there's been a castle on this hill since before 1066. Much of the furniture dates fro…"

  3. Becky Tomes reviewed Box Hill in South East England, United Kingdom

    The views from the top of Box Hill, over the chalk downs, grassy dells and woodland, are just part of the pleasure, as the varied walking or cycling routes up to the top of the hill are invariably beautiful enough to distract you from and feelings of und…"

  4. Becky Tomes reviewed Claremont Landscape Garden in The United Kingdom

    This garden was created by some of the 18th Century's most lauded landscape gardeners, including Capability Brown, and was begun in 1715, originally part of the grounds for Claremont House. One of the nicest views in the garden is gained by standing in …"

  5. September 2009
  6. Becky Tomes asked a question about Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (Rembrandt) in New York City, United States

    "I have a portrait bust of homer it's a 1961 copy that was in the meseum of New York I bought it in an antique shop for $80.00 I had taken it to another antique delear which told me they use 3 colores to make this portrait which was a red, yellow and some…"