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  1. September 2007
  2. b.anderson reviewed Hawkes Bay Ballooning in North Island, New Zealand

    This wine region will lay out below you like a great, neat, green carpet all the way from the mountains to the ocean. This great food and wine destination is worth seeing from the air, and comes with an exceptional post flight breakfast: http://www.earl…"

  3. b.anderson rated Hawkes Bay Ballooning

  4. b.anderson reviewed Ballooning over Alice Springs in Northern Territory, Australia

    In the early morning light mist rises off the read desert, the sky is dark purple, sparse clouds beginning to be tinged white on their undersides and the sun begins to light up the gorgeous MacDonnell Ranges all shades of orange. Once airborne the kanga…"

  5. b.anderson rated Ballooning over Alice Springs

  6. July 2007
  7. b.anderson reviewed Lake Tsimanampatsotsa in Toliara, Madagascar

    "This is a really special place to visit, unlike anywhere else I've been on earth. It's a gracefully curved and shimmering shallow salt lake part of a sandy costal plain, held back from the sea by a narrow arch of sand and mudflats and edged by short cli…"

  8. b.anderson rated Lake Tsimanampatsotsa

  9. b.anderson rated Hunter Valley Balloon Ride

  10. b.anderson reviewed Hunter Valley Balloon Ride in New South Wales, Australia

    The Hunter is a fantastic green hilled blanket to float over coloured smokey grey shimmering forests and vineyards of straight lines surrounded but blue hazy mountains shrouded in mist. Kangaroos bound from the shadow of your balloon and you can see f…"

  11. b.anderson rated Ballooning over the Barossa

  12. b.anderson reviewed Ballooning over the Barossa in South Australia, Australia

    What is it about ballooning and Australian wine regions? The neat rows of the vineyards are certainly picturesque and resemble an earthy tartan when seen en masse, fringed in this case by the drier brown shades of South Australia's bushland an dense gre…"

  13. b.anderson rated Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Yarra Valley

  14. b.anderson reviewed Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Australia

    I took to the skies on a bright calm Victorian morning, frosty but still. The air was calm as I arrived at the take off site and the sky I was rising up towards was soft peaches and pinks. I was able to help unpack the bright canopy and despite my conc…"