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  1. December 2007
  2. ashley reviewed Lanikai Beach in Honolulu, United States

    "'Heavenly sea' thought by locals to be best place to swim due to its protective reef creating a turquoise lagoon."

  3. ashley rated Lanikai Beach

  4. June 2007
  5. ashley reviewed Anse Source d'Argent in Seychelles

    "Quoted as one of the most paradisical shores in the world. The secluded beaches of soft pink sands look onto turquoise lagoons between rounded granite boulders and graceful palm trees, while exotic birds sing from the trees behind."

  6. ashley rated Anse Source d'Argent

  7. May 2007
  8. ashley reviewed Unawatuna Beach in Southern Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

    The number one beach destination in Sri Lanka, the sleepy fishing hamlet Unawatuna has a mythical and historical past, which makes it a very special place."

  9. ashley reviewed Poipu Beach, Kauai in Hawaii, United States

    Kauai is known as teh Garden isle due to its density of tropical vegetation, which you may have seen in Jurassic Park or South Pacific movies. Poipu is the best beach on the island. It has varying levels of surf depending which section you are in."

  10. ashley reviewed Soup Bowls Surfing Beach in Bridgetown, Barbados

    Great surfing beach."

  11. ashley reviewed Sandy Beach, South Shore in Honolulu, United States

    Great surf beach."

  12. ashley reviewed Corcega Beach in Puerto Rico

    Great surfing beach."

  13. ashley reviewed China beach (My Khe) in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Expanse of white sand famed as recuperation place for US soldiers in their Vietnam war."

  14. ashley reviewed Aitutaki in Aitutaki, Cook Islands

    "One of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Perfect Atol with white sandy beach, lagoon of aquamarine water and healthy coral reef, and wild coconut trees and small amount of agriculture inland."

  15. ashley reviewed Sunset Beach in Hawaii, United States

    "Great surfing beach."

  16. ashley reviewed Mount Beach, Bay of Plenty in North Island, New Zealand

    "Great surfing beach."

  17. ashley reviewed Strandhill Beach in Sligo, Ireland

    Great surf beach."

  18. ashley reviewed Zarautz in San Sebastian, Spain

    "Great surfing beach."

  19. ashley reviewed Cousteau Underwater Park in Guadeloupe

    Snorkel and dive amongst vivid coral & abundant marine wildlife. Come back & lie on beautiful black sand beach with La Soufriére volcano puffing above you."

  20. ashley reviewed Petit St Vincent in Grenada

    "Less built up than ther islands. White sandy beaches and turquoise sea."

  21. ashley reviewed Natadola Beach, Viti Levu in Fiji

    "White sandy beaches, turquoise sea, palm trees, great scuba diving, friendly locals."

  22. ashley reviewed Bequia Island & Beaches in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    "Fine white sandy beaches, clear turquiose sea, palm trees, few people."

  23. ashley reviewed South Beach (beach), Miami in West Palm Beach, United States

    "Popular city beach"

  24. ashley reviewed Catalina Island in US West Coast, United States

    "Most of this island is a nature conservancy. Great beaches & snorkelling."

  25. ashley reviewed Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia

    "Light sand, rolling waves, people-watching, surfing competitions, beach volleyball and festivals entertain those that have ferried across from Sydney."

  26. ashley reviewed Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos Islands

    "A 12 mile beach of soft sand looking onto the bay."

  27. ashley reviewed Velidhu Island in Malé, Maldives

    "See it before it's submerged. An arhipelago of over 1000 small coral islands, mostly only about 1 metre above sea level. Only about 200 are inhabited, and many are now private resorts. Idyllic white sand, turquoise sea with very good snorkelling & diving…"

  28. ashley reviewed Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica

    Great surfing beach."

  29. ashley reviewed San Juan Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Great surf beach."