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Heart still on the farm, head and feet frequently in the clouds (inside a plane) and the rest of the body looking for new adventures.

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  1. May 2011
  2. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Isurumuniya in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

    The lovers carved on a slab here are one of this small stupas most famous treasures, but they're been moved – there's a plaque where they would originally have been positioned. As well as the lovers this stupa has some wonderful horse carvings.&nb…"

  3. Ame P. Oliver reviewed MGM Grand in Las Vegas, United States

    Lots of us love the thrill of the flutter, but do more than just play blackjack with your mates, and get out there and play it in a world famous casion for an added rush. The bright and brassy desert oasis of Vegas has for a long time been one of the wo…"

  4. March 2011
  5. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Costa Dorada in Catalunya, Spain

    Costa Dorada is the bit in Catalonia between Cunit and the mouth of the Ebro River. It's sunny, Spanish and colourful, but a bit rockier than the stretches of coastline on either side of it."

  6. February 2011
  7. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, United States

    Royal Gorge Bridge is the world’s highest suspension bridge. The bridge hangs more than 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River near Canon City, Colorado. The location boasts the world’s longest single-span aerial tram and the steepest incline ra…"

  8. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Denver Zoo in Denver, United States

    In 1896, the Mayor of Denver received Billy Bryan, an orphaned black bear who needed a home. To solve the predicament of housing a mischievous bear, the Denver Zoo was created. Today the zoo is home to 3,500 animals and 650 species. Central to the zoo i…"

  9. September 2010
  10. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Western Australian Museum in Perth, Australia

    One of the interesting things about this museum is that one of the buildings that houses it used to be Perth Gaol. In its early days its collection was mainly geological – and local – but it branched out into archaeology, ethnology, biology …"

  11. July 2010
  12. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Pancake Rocks in South Island, New Zealand

    The Pancake Rocks is a place. A rocky place on the coast, where the limestone rocks have been formed by alternating layers of hard marine creatures and softer plant sediment, so that as well as the rocks appearing stripy they also erode at different rat…"

  13. April 2010
  14. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Río Lagartos in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    This is also the name of the nearby fishing village, but there's not much reason to visit the town, unless you're on the way to or from the nearby lake, which is one of the best places in Mexico to see flamingos. There are supposed to be about 8,000 fla…"

  15. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Puerto Costa Maya in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

    Built exclusively for cruise ships and cruise style holidaymakers near what was once the quiet fishing village of Majahual. They built it in the style of the ancients? But assuming the ancients were Cunard travellers. But the fact that it's new provid…"

  16. March 2010
  17. Ame P. Oliver reviewed New York's Easter Parade in New York City, United States

    New York's Easter Parade is more about new fashion than Jesus rising from the dead, however there's sacred and biblical tradition even in the love of fashion, as in many European cultures Easter became the time for year for new clothes as this old adage …"

  18. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Jamaica Easter Carnival in Jamaica

    Over 10,000 party orientated people converge on Jouvert Beach, Kingston in the very early hours of Easter Sunday for the Jamaica Easter Carnival. It starts as a daybreak parade and ends up in more of a colourful march as costumed revellers join in to ge…"

  19. November 2009
  20. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Marshes of Fucecchio in Leghorn, Italy

    The Marshes of Fucecchio is Italy's largest swamp. And while that may not seem like the most attractive of sites, it's actually far from a 2,000 hectare blot on the map between Florence and Pistoia – its flora and fauna are protected under various…"

  21. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Nottingham Castle in Nottingham, United Kingdom

    Nottingham Castle has stood on its own natural rocky outcrop, one with 130 foot cliffs to the south and west since the year after the Battle of Hastings: 1067 – overlooking its surrounds. In its first incarnation it was a wooden castle, protected …"

  22. October 2009
  23. Ame P. Oliver reviewed The Witch House (The Jonathan Corwin House) in Salem, United States

    Despite the numerous reported hauntings in Salem attributed to the evils done in the name of the 1692 Witch Trials, the Jonathan Corwin House, home to the judge in the trials that sent 19 people to the gallows, had one man squashed to death by stones and…"

  24. Ame P. Oliver reviewed York Treasurer's House in York, United Kingdom

    York Treasurer's House is a graceful, medieval structure.  Built beside York Minster and carefully restored by a wealthy local industrialist – well aren't they all – this house is presented as a museum where each room is done up in the s…"

  25. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Beauregard-Keyes House in New Orleans, United States

    During the day this museum tells the story of General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, the Confederate General best remembered for his victory at Bull Run, but after dark it's supposed to receive visitors from another plane. The General lived in this …"

  26. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Lalaurie Mansion in New Orleans, United States

    The Lalaurie Mansion is an old and eerie place, as all haunted houses should be. But its story is even less savoury than most. The lady of the house, Delphine Lalaurie, a socialite and cousin of the Mayor of New Orleans, was known for three things: bei…"

  27. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Great American Beer Festival in Denver, United States

    People come from all over the world for the three days of this event - which doesn't sound like it gives enough opportunity to try the 1,800 different American beers, and then another 500 or so international beers. This is a competition - across 75 cate…"

  28. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland, United States

    80 breweries take part in this festival – and lots of them have more than one beer there to be tasted so that's quite a number of beers to try. As well as local boutique beers, craft beers come in from all over the US, and as far as other particip…"

  29. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Mondial de la Bière in Montreal, Canada

    This beer festival is a showcase for micro-breweries with only a few of the larger breweries attending, and then only in small numbers, so it's a good opportunity to try a beer you may only otherwise find in a few local restaurants. There's around 450 d…"

  30. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Belgium Beer Weekend in Brussels, Belgium

    Belgium is known for taking beer seriously. They make it in as many colours and flavours as you could possibly imagine – including fruit flavours – and make some of the most potent brews known to man. Which is why their beer festivals deman…"

  31. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Cannstatter Volksfest (The Stuttgart Beer Festival) in Stuttgart, Germany

    The Cannstatter Volksfest is more than just a beer festival, it's also an autumn fair – the kind with the good food and the world's largest portable ferris wheel, as well as a carnival of other rides. One of the traditions involves a fruit covered …"

  32. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Gäubodenvolksfest in Bavaria, Germany

    Straubing's Gäubodenvolksfest is Oktoberfest's younger sibling. It was founded in 1812 as a festival of the agricultural of the Danube region. These days it's like the family version of the beer-y blast, they have carousels, roller coasters and th…"

  33. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Tasmanian Beerfest in Tasmania, Australia

    Tasmania to the rest of Australia is the geeky kid at school who follows the bigger, cooler kids around, but in this case the geeky kid does have beer – good for him. Yes, Tasmania does brew some good beers, and the rest of Australia is happy abou…"

  34. Ame P. Oliver reviewed New Zealand Beer Festival in Wellington, New Zealand

    The New Zealand Beer Festival gets two outings, a warm up in Wellington, then a chaser in Auckland. It's a celebration of local and international beers, in the form of a huge tasting and drinking festival. The 2009 event promised more than 60 different…"

  35. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Shanghai Oktoberfest in Shanghai, China

    it might seem like one of the most unlikely places in the world to find yourself linking arms and singing "Oans, zwoa G'suffa", but the good-eatin', good-drinkin', good partyin' appeal of Oktoberfest spread to the east in the late 90s and it se…"

  36. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest in Ontario, Canada

    Canada has a contender for the title of Best Octoberfest in North America, and this one has a theme song as well, promising they'll roll out the barrel for you, which seems to be their themed take on pulling out all the stops to make sure you have a good…"

  37. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Oktoberfest Zinzinnati in Cincinnati, United States

    Oktoberfest Zinzinnati competes with Oktoberfest USA (La Crosse) for the title of America's Most Authentic Oktoberfest. Both festivals claim the title is theirs, both of them claim they're folky and Germanic, and the best. Zinzinnati also claims to hav…"

  38. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Octoberfest USA (La Crosse) in Wisconsin, United States

    The US has numerous Octoberfests – well, what's not to like, right – but the one in La Crosse presents itself as one of the US's few authentic 'Old World' folk festivals. The festival was started by a couple of homesick Germans in 1961, so a…"

  39. August 2009
  40. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Ski Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    What's missing from most shopping malls is an indoor ski resort. It's got to be, after all, as far as I'm aware there's only one in the world, and that's this one in Dubai's Mall of Emirates. Yes, that is the middle of the desert – the key to thi…"

  41. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Umm Suqeim Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    White and sandy with showers and shelters, this beach is one of Dubai's most popular. They've recently put nets into the water to stop swimmers straying too far out to sea, but there are life guards that should stop you before you get to the nets."

  42. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Russian Beach/ Open Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    This beach goes under both names - it's a fairly happy go lucky kind of place, and one of Dubai's few public (see free) spaces. Local workers come down as well as the tourists and families - be prepared for impromptu volley ball games and big family pic…"

  43. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Khorfakkan Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Khorfakkan Beach has the virgin sand and the beautiful coral the sand comes from – though the coral is thankfully where it belongs, under the sea, with a colourfully healthy coating of fish and marine life. Snorkellers The breakers that come to m…"

  44. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Kite Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Long and smooth, this is the right beach for you if you're a sunbather, or a kitesurfer. For everyone else the water may be a bit too full of people learning to kitesurf, or practice other water sports, and the lack of facilities may detract from the sm…"

  45. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Mamzar Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    About 25 minutes drive from the city in the opposite direction from Jumeirah Beach, which is the one with the famous hotels lining it, this long stretch of soft sand is another example of Dubai looking after its visitors. In this case that means chargin…"

  46. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    From the air this beach would look pretty lovely. The water is blue, the sand white and the bits of green neatly shaped and sprouting perfectly proportioned palm trees. Even the boardwalk looks inviting. The shades of the pools compliment the blues of…"

  47. July 2009
  48. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Musée Jules Verne in Loire Valley, France

    This museum is in a beautiful house overlooking the Loire River.  It would be perfect if this was a house Verne had lived in, but it's not the case, he was born in Nantes though.  The 19th Century mansion has been renovated into a museum to dis…"

  49. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Eurockéennes in France

    Eurockéennes de Belfort could be the largest music festival in France.  If it's not then with around 100,000 people attending it over the  three days, it's one of the largest.  The festival happens in July, on a peninsular on the Ma…"

  50. Ame P. Oliver reviewed INmusic Festival in Zagreb, Croatia

    The INmusic Fetsival is Croatia's largest, held on an island in Lake Jarun, Zagreb.  The 2009 festival has 25,000 tickets to it, a number which has been steadily increasing as the reputation and the line up improves year by year – the first fe…"

  51. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Rock Werchter in Belgium

    It's big.  And it's line up includes some of the world's biggest band names.   Rock Werchter is one of the four largest European music festivals – the others being Sziget, Roskilde and Glastonbury – with about 80,000 people in the …"

  52. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Jungutbatu Beach in Bali, Indonesia

    Jungutbatu Beach on the northern coast of Nusa Lembongan is the largest beach on the island – which has become very popular with lovers of tropical island resorts as well as the divers and snorkellers who initially colonised it touristically.  …"

  53. Ame P. Oliver reviewed T in the Park in Scotland, United Kingdom

    In festival terms, T in the Park has been around for yonkers – the first one was held in July 1994.  It started off as a two day festival but gained an extra day as it gained more followers, thus bigger bands and extra stages, thus even larger…"

  54. Ame P. Oliver reviewed The Big Chill Festival in North East England, United Kingdom

    This festival is for cool kids and happening parents.  A family event for festival lovers who have suddenly found themselves with offspring, yet not ready to give up and spend their summer in the back garden listening to the radio.  The grounds…"

  55. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Bestival in South East England, United Kingdom

    The Isle of Wight holds more festivals per capita than anywhere else in the UK.  Which is saying something about the scenery, the space and the local's attitude to a bit of extra noise.  Bestival sticks out from the other festivals because of t…"

  56. Ame P. Oliver reviewed The Secret Garden Party in South East England, United Kingdom

    This festival claims to be 'a nihilistic escape from the daily drudge of normality', and to invite you into 'the world of Eden and Babylon'.  That roughly means they've built two hedonistic arenas in a huge landscaped garden by the side of a pictu…"

  57. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Latitude Festival in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    Though Latitude was only born in 2006, it's already a name some of your cooler grandparents might have heard of.  They might also be able to tell you that it's held in July, in Henham Park, Suffolk.  They might not be able to explain that this …"

  58. Ame P. Oliver reviewed End of the Road Festival in The United Kingdom

    End of the Road won Best New Festival in 2006.  And it's still going, proving that its organisers have staying power as well as vision.  Held in the Lamer Tree Gardens, Dorest, a rural idyllic setting, especially when the peacocks who live here…"

  59. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Windsor Jazz and Beer Festival in South East England, United Kingdom

    Five days of jazz and liquor an English summer can make. Every August Windsor hosts five days of hot jazz and cool beer (or visa versa), in a pint sized, Thames side match made in summery heaven. It's not just jazz, it's funk, latin and jazz's derivati…"

  60. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Isle of Wight Jazz Festival in The United Kingdom

    For the purposes of this festival the Isle of Wight is calling itself the deep south (of the UK), and cooling up it's image with talk of cabaret amongst the cafes, swing by the shops, blues on the beach and a whole lot of horns and drum beats doing just …"

  61. Ame P. Oliver reviewed Toronto Jazz Festival in Toronto, Canada

    The Toronto Jazz Festival is a many faceted event. Festival goers have got their Main Stage Concerts, their Lunchtime Concerts, their Afterwork Concerts, Cabaret at the Old Mill and their Jazz by the Lake to choose from. 85% of the acts are Canadian, a…"