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31st March 2008

Arnesta works as a Russian translator and has had the honour of escorting both dignitaries and leisure travellers through Russia. As well as interpreting, Arnesta also works as a translator of texts, especially enjoying those with a historic bent.

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  1. April 2008
  2. Arnesta Szarkor reviewed Red Square in Moscow, Russia

    Could this be the world’s as well as Russia’s most famous square? Possibly. It is known the world over because of the buildings on its edges: the Kremlin, the iconic onion domes of St. Basils and Lenin’s Mausoleum then Kazan Cathedral and the State His…"

  3. March 2008
  4. Arnesta Szarkor reviewed Pavlovsk in Volga, Russia

    The Imperial complex, Pavlovsk is situated close to the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo out of the city of St. Petersburg. Catherine the Great gave this forested land by her own vast palace to her son Paul who commissioned a palace in the style of th…"

  5. Arnesta Szarkor reviewed Alexander Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

    The ultimate expression of a Grandmother’s love, the Alexander Palace was built by Catherine the Great for her grandson and future heir, Alexander over the course of young his life, the intention being that it would be presented to him when he reached ad…"

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  7. Arnesta Szarkor rated Pavlovsk

  8. Arnesta Szarkor rated Hermitage Museum

  9. April 2007
  10. Arnesta Szarkor reviewed Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

    The Gosudarstvennyj Èrmitaž or Hermitage Museum, that vast collection of Russian and human art and artefacts, has swollen to fill six buildings, the largest and most appropriate being St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace, once home of the Tzars. This magnific…"