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  1. November 2009
  2. anotherdawn commented on A Patriotic Drive - Mt. Rushmore and Beyond

    "One of my favorite and most memorable trips cross country ended here on this drive through South Dakota. I'd like to say a little bit of everything was found here."

  3. anotherdawn rated Badlands, South Dakota

  4. anotherdawn commented on Zion Canyon in Mountain States, United States

    "A place I would visit over and over!"

  5. anotherdawn rated Zion Canyon

  6. anotherdawn commented on Bryce Canyon in Mountain States, United States

    "Bryce Canyon is a beautiful place to visit and you can easily get every photograph to look outstanding and almost 3D. The colors stand out and the views from all areas are breathtaking. Watch your step though as it crumbles into dust. I suppose if it rai…"

  7. August 2009
  8. anotherdawn commented on The Grand Canyon in Southwest Desert, United States

    "Visiting the Grand Canyon when I was in my teen years made me realize how really small I am in such a big world and made me think a lot more about things in general. It is a spiritual place no matter what your beliefs are. There are no words to describe…"

  9. anotherdawn rated The Grand Canyon