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Anne-Sophie Redisch is a bilingual writer who loves hopping off a train in a new city. Her two daughters often come along, enlivening the travel experience. She has lived in the USA, New Zealand, and Norway, and her work appears regularly in in-flight magazines and various Scandinavian and English media.

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  1. October 2011
  2. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Portmeirion Village in Wales, United Kingdom

    My youngest daughter is 8; my oldest is 13 years older. Mostly, we have different favourites. But Portmeirion, a fairytale seaside village in Northern Wales, is an exception. We all adored Portmeirion at first sight. It’s a crazy, beautiful place.P…"

  3. August 2011
  4. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Svalbard in Svalbard and Jan Mayen

    "At 78 degrees N – a mere 12 degrees from the North Pole – Longyearbyen is as far north as I’ve ever been. Svalbard is more commonly referred to as Spitsbergen in English. Spitsbergen is in fact the name of the largest island in the group, but Svalbard is…"

  5. May 2011
  6. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Isle of Anglesey in Wales, United Kingdom

    My daughters love Dublin. So after exploring northern Wales for a few days, we decided we'd take the ferry to Ireland for the day and headed for Holyhead. We never made it to Dublin. The Isle of Anglesey - or Ynys Môn in Welsh - was so beautiful an…"

  7. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Isle of Anglesey

  8. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Cafe de Paris – a Geneva institution

  9. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Cafe de Paris – a Geneva institution in Geneva, Switzerland

    For more than 75 years, this charming restaurant on 26 Rue de Mont-Blanc, a 45-second-walk from Cornavin station, has been a Geneva institution. And it’s still going strong, despite – or perhaps because – it only has one item on the men…"

  10. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Kuwait House of National Memorial Museum

  11. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Kuwait House of National Memorial Museum in Kuwait

    The most evocative house in Kuwait City must surely be Kuwait House of National Memorial Museum Bait Al Watani. Outside the house is an Iraqi tank. The taxi driver, Assis, ensures I see it. Walking through a dark corridor, I hear the horrors of war. Mod…"

  12. March 2011
  13. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Dubai

    Never did the clichéd phrase "eclectic mixture of old and new" more aptly describe a city. A short ride on an abra (open boat, often with very temperamental captains) across Dubai creek illustrates this beautifully. On one side, the fant…"

  14. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Fujairah

  15. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Fujairah in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

    “Why you want to go Fujairah?” our driver asked. “It has nothing. It is like Ras Al-Khaimah.” Lonely Planet seemed to agree, saying there’s really no reason to linger in Fujairah. I beg to differ. As it turned out, the last …"

  16. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Acapulco

  17. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Cartagena

  18. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Cartagena

  19. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Tallinn's Old Town

  20. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Tallinn's Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia

    Tallinn’s UNESCO-listed wonderful old town is a spooky, exciting place – full of lore. The story of the Devil’s wedding is perhaps the most famous. If you ever take a walk along the streets of Medieval Tallinn, stop at the 15th century …"

  21. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Samoa

  22. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Tonga

  23. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Faroe Islands

  24. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Utrecht

  25. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Taj Mahal

  26. Anne-Sophie Redisch rated Macao

  27. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway

    Locals adore Frogner Park; ambling (or walking the dog, running, or skateboarding) among the fabulous sculptures of Gustav Vigeland."

  28. August 2010
  29. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Jersey in The United Kingdom

    I first visited Jersey about 20 years ago. Back then, the Bergerac TV-series were all the rage (about Jim Bergerac, ruggedly handsome sergeant of the Bureau des Étrangers). Before leaving for the islands, I got some DVDs of that 80s show and got m…"

  30. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Hundertwasser and his Toilet in New Zealand

    In Vienna, you may have seen the creative and colourful Hundertwasser House; tthe one with no straight lines, where trees are incorporated into the house. Even the floors are wavy. As Hundertwasser said: “an uneven floor is a melody to the feet&rdq…"

  31. Anne-Sophie Redisch reviewed Ghosts of Norfolk Island in Australia

    According to legend, Norfolk Island is the most haunted place in the Pacific. A stroll between these gravestones reveals the history of what was once Britain’s worst convict colony. So bad was it, convicts sought execution as relief from suffering.…"