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Born with a severe case of Wanderlust, Angela is a Washington State native who blogs about eco-friendly travel on Wanderlust And Lipstick. She has also lived in Hawaii and Alaska, and her travels have taken her through wonderful places such as India, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Peru and France. Her educational background began with lessons in empowerment at an all-girls high school, continued at Western Washington University in Bellingham and is sustained today by her travels and experiences. Prior to her current position as Director of Operations for Seattle-based non-profit Crooked Trails, she spent six years as a marine naturalist working with the resident killer whale population of Washington's San Juan Islands. Angela is passionate about cultural preservation and sustainable travel, two movements she feels are gaining momentum and validity. Visit Angela online at

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  1. June 2009
  2. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post 10 Ways to Travel Green Before You Leave Home

    Responsible travel starts at home, literally. Any savvy traveler can tell you that the journey starts long before you step out the door."

  3. May 2009
  4. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Sun Lover’s Reality Check

    As a sun-worshipper from a famously rainy part of the world, it takes an extreme amount of discipline for me to sun safely overseas. In honor of National Skin Cancer Awareness month, I’m in need of a sun-safety reality check!"

  5. April 2009
  6. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post World’s Top Green Wedding Destination

    Ahh, springtime. Couples holding hands, smooching under blossoming trees in the park. And nothing says “domestic partnership” like an economic recession."

  7. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Consider Your Water Footprint

    Okay, by now you’re familiar with the term “carbon footprint” - the carbon emissions created as a result of your meanderings.Since we’re all in that mindset, here’s something new to consider – your “water footprint”."

  8. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post No Translation Necessary

    For most travelers, communication can be at times exhilarating, confusing, intimidating, moving, or hysterical. But it’s well worth the effort – as self-appointed ambassadors, we’re like the world leaders gathering at the G20 summit, seeking to reach acro"

  9. March 2009
  10. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Have Asana, Will Travel: Yoga on the Go

    Breathe in. Breathe out. Many of us have developed a yoga practice as a part of our normal routines, but find it often lapses when traveling."

  11. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Juniper Lane: Bohemian Home on San Juan Island

    Throughout the span of years that my sweetie and I called San Juan Island home, we lived in a menagerie of…um….structures: everything from one-room cabins with no running water to house-sitting gigs in multi-million dollar nests on the west side and even,"

  12. February 2009
  13. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Hometown Tourism: The Ultimate Staycation

    I have this little ritual that I like to do every now and then – pick a day where I become a traveler in my own town. Last time, my day being a tourist in my own town (Seattle) looked something like this:"

  14. January 2009
  15. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Music the Universal Language

    In the cacophony of noises that fill the air of every place in the world, there is a sound that rises above them all, a constant language to which all human ears are tuned. That is the language of the heart, music."

  16. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post All Aboard, America!

    Last weekend I took the train from Seattle to Portland to visit my family. My rationale was simple – gas is too pricey and I wanted to get some work done while in-transit. As always, the trip was a delight."

  17. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Evergreen Escape Routes

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are pretty proud of our ‘hood."

  18. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Take My Tip

    Three sure-fire ways to broadcast to the world that you are an American tourist:"

  19. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post Not just another Hawaiian Vacation

    What does “Hawaiian vacation” conjure in your mind? Ladies in cliched grass skirts and coconut bras doing hula at the Marriott?"

  20. Angela Dollar wrote a blog post 5 Reasons to Travel, NOW!

    There’s an assortment of monumental headline-worthy current events I could reference for you right now that seem to be urging Americans to stay put. Economy, elections…need I say more?"