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  1. November 2009
  2. Angel F rated Grand Cayman

  3. Angel F commented on Grand Cayman in Cayman Islands

    "Grand Cayman is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit with beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and a lot of restaurants, bars, and stores for shopping. Sting Ray City is a must see, and "Hell" is another place to go so that you can te…"

  4. Angel F rated Dunns River Falls

  5. Angel F commented on Dunns River Falls in Jamaica

    "My trip to Jamaica was on a cruise that my husband and I took in April 2009. I was somewhat hesitant to partake in the excursion to Dunn's River Falls because it's approximately 600ft high and I have a fear of heights. But, when I heard and saw the pictu…"

  6. Angel F rated Etna

  7. Angel F commented on Etna in Catania, Italy

    "I lived in a small town called Acireale, which is located at the base of Mt. Etna. I could remember watching Mt. Etna explode with spectacular views of lava spewing into the air, and the beautiful river-like flows of lava cascading down the mountainside.…"

  8. Angel F rated Beppu and its Hot Springs

  9. Angel F rated Takachiho Gorge

  10. Angel F commented on Takachiho Gorge in Kyushu, Japan

    "This is absolutely beautiful and it's going on my top ten places to visit in Kyushu!"

  11. Angel F reviewed Beppu and its Hot Springs in Ōita, Japan

    "I went to Oita, and Beppu a few months ago and I had a wonderful time experiencing the hot water baths around the area. I was particularly drawn to the colorful hot springs such as "Hell" the red one, and I enjoyed several others that were off limits bec…"