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12th June 2007

Half way through taking a year off living and working in Japan to cycle around Chile and Argentina, Andrew and business partner, Paul Snedker, were sitting in a snowed in tent chewing the fat about what to do next when they hit upon the idea to share the fantastic experiences they had had on their bikes with others and Saddle Skedaddle was born. It was a popular concept and with support from Chilean travel specialists, it was launched in 1995 as an independent biking company.
Andrew still loves taking people around on his favourite trips and sharing with them as they experience things for the first time, though now he also gets to trail blaze for new trips (which pretty much involves hopping off at the airport buying some maps and seeing what is out there - the original recipe for their Chilean adventures.). Peru, Brazil and Eastern Europe are the next on the list for trailblazing.
Andrew is also a fan of whisky, chocolate and chocolate whisky liqueurs.

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    If you have seen a dinosaur documentary recently this backdrop of huge, bright blue, brimming lakes rimmed in the foreground by monkey puzzle trees and behind that with snow capped mountains will be familiar to you. Cycling around the lakes you'll find …"

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  14. July 2007
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