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14th May 2008

Andrew left Design School and began designing innovative climbing and outdoor gear. But that was never going to be quite as fun as using the gear: be it for climbing (making a first ascent of Antarctica’s Vinson Massif for example), extreme skiing, sailing or even kite skiing. Andrew has been up, down and around some of the world’s most remote and spectacular scenery from Antarctica to Alaska via the Himalayas and from the list of his adventures it seems like nothing is too large a challenge, especially when you have the know how to design the gear to make it possible.
His preference is for steep, technical descents, his current job is as a writer, photographer, designer and explorer. His name appears on the list of both the world's top ski mountaineers and top 25 outdoor athletes on the planet.

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  1. May 2008
  2. Andrew McLean rated Bagley Icefield

  3. Andrew McLean reviewed Bagley Icefield in Alaska, United States

    There were many inspirations for this expedition, but first and foremost was a trip up to the Wrangell-St.Elias Mountains the year before which redefined my idea of mountains. As a skier visiting this area for the first time, it is like a sailor going fr…"

  4. Andrew McLean rated Baffin Island

  5. Andrew McLean reviewed Baffin Island in Arctic, Canada

    I’d like to think that by getting blown off course and having our gear crushed by the sea-ice, we were upholding a long standing tradition of exploration on Baffin Island . While we were able to avoid the un-pleasantries of being marooned for years, deat…"