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  1. July 2009
  2. Andrew Mccabe reviewed Björkö in Stockholm, Sweden

    Björkö means Birch Island.  In this case it's an island of birches and ancient treasures.  In the form of the remains of a Bronze Age community, which thrived on this island around 800 BC.  The oldest of the island's excavated si…"

  3. Andrew Mccabe reviewed Vaxholm & Vaxön in Stockholm, Sweden

    Vaxholm has expanded beyond the walls of 16th Century Vaxholm Castle, to include a fortified harbour and 64 islets of Stockholm's archipelago within its municipality, but it was originally just the name of the castle, then the town on the island of Vax&o…"

  4. Andrew Mccabe reviewed Stortorget Square in Stockholm, Sweden

    Stortorget is the small public square in Stockholm's historic heart.The Stock Exchange building takes up one whole side of the square, but inside it are the Swedish Academy and the Nobel Museum and Nobel Library.  The exchange went up towards the en…"