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We’re Andrew and Friedel Grant, two Canadians who set off in 2006 to travel around the world by bicycle. For 3 years we cycled through 30 countries and covered 47,000km on our bikes.
We had no previous bike touring experience when we began and 'trained' for our trip by doing short commutes to work along flat cycle paths and the odd day trip, often ending up at the pub. Our trip was born more out of a desire to see the world rather than to embark on a great sporting achievement.
The hardest part wasn't the cycling anyway - it was just getting up the courage to hand in our notice at work, sell our house, liquidate all our possessions and set off on our adventure. We have no regrets.
Now we've taken a temporary hiatus from our trip to rebuild our bank account and we're looking for jobs in Holland. We'd love to do more big bike trips one day though, focusing in on South America or China.

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  1. June 2011
  2. Andrew & Friedel reviewed Cycling Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore, Singapore

    Singapore is an interesting and thriving city with lots of added greenery but for cyclists it is mostly city riding, with few places to go that provide a more natural setting. Recently, my wife and I took a ferry over to a small island off the main islan…"

  3. May 2011
  4. Andrew & Friedel wrote a blog post Free Bicycle Dictionary (Great For Touring!)

    Here’s a cool cycling publication: a booklet with key cycling terms, translated into all 23 official European Languages plus Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Russian."

  5. December 2010
  6. Andrew & Friedel wrote a blog post Reflections On Cycling In A Snowstorm

    “You didn’t really go cycling, did you?“"

  7. September 2010
  8. Andrew & Friedel reviewed A 1,000km Bicycle Tour In Jutland in Denmark

    “Who told us Denmark was flat???” I am shouting with all the breath I can muster. My face is turning red, as we push our heavy bikes up a steep hill. It’s not the first hill we’ve encountered. Since we stepped off the night tra…"

  9. September 2009
  10. Andrew & Friedel wrote a blog post Tea at midnight. Anyone??

    Our expectations of a peaceful sleep last night were shattered late in the evening when we heard several loud bangs nearby. We were both jolted out of our dreams and on high alert. Gun shots? Fireworks? A car backfiring? We weren’t sure. All went quiet fo"

  11. Andrew & Friedel wrote a blog post Unending Kindness in Iran

    We’re almost to the border but Iran wasn’t about to let us go without a final farewell show of her hospitality at its best. The country’s kindness started in the morning when we stopped at a small shop for some food and asked where the bakery was so we co"

  12. Andrew & Friedel wrote a blog post The bumpy road to Karakol

    Where to start on a journey that’s taken us across some of Kazakhstan’s more remote and beautiful places over the past eight days and through the back door into Kyrgyzstan, where we sit now on the edge of one of the world’s largest alpine lakes. How about"

  13. Andrew & Friedel wrote a blog post Too much stuff

    Every once in a while we go through a phase where Friedel decides we have too much stuff and tries to weed it out while Andrew reminds her just how much we actually need those things or if we don’t now then we will down the road."