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Amy is an inveterate festival goer, having travelled and photographed festivals on five continents. From the great Toureg festivals of the desert, to the gay parades of Sydney and San Fran, Amy has been in the thick of things, and has suffered numerous indignities in her quest for the best observation spots.

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  1. June 2007
  2. Amy Winterburn reviewed Bumbershoot, Seattle's Music and Arts Festival in Seattle, United States

    Seattle celebrates the September Labour Day weekend with its annual arts, music, comedy, dance and film extravaganza. Acts and artists from all over the world make up the three day program, entertaining an audience of more than 150,000 at both indoor an…"

  3. Amy Winterburn reviewed New Zealand International Arts Festival in Wellington, New Zealand

    The biannual New Zealand International Arts Festival is the country’s largest cultural event and was developed in 1986 to showcase the best of both visual and performing arts talent. Both local and international performers feature in the festival which …"

  4. Amy Winterburn reviewed Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Carnival is a celebration of fun, music and frivolity held worldwide, but Rio Carnival is the biggest and the best known. More than 500,000 visitors flock to Rio for the Carnival every year adding to around a million local revellers. Carnival takes p…"

  5. Amy Winterburn reviewed Washington State International Kite Festival in US West Coast, United States

    This week long festival in windy August celebrates the simple joy of kite flying in as many different ways as possible. Festival goers can attend workshops to improve their kite building skills, competitions for both kids and grown ups, multiple kite de…"

  6. Amy Winterburn reviewed The Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, United States

    The burning of a 40 foot wooden man in the middle of the Black Rock Desert is only a small part of the eight day Burning Man Festival. The most important part of the festival, say organisers is being part of the event, which involves living in a tempora…"

  7. Amy Winterburn reviewed World Busker's Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand

    More than 450 different shows make up the ten day program of the World Busker’s Festival, held annually on the streets and public spaces of Christchurch. Audiences of more than 250,000 theatre-goers and passers-by enjoy work devised by local and inter…"

  8. Amy Winterburn reviewed Aloha Festivals in Hawaii, United States

    If you want to master the hula the Aloha Festival is one of the best places to learn. Aloha celebrates the cosmopolitan nature of Hawaiian life and culture through musical and dance performances, markets, cook-offs, parades, street parties, boat races a…"

  9. Amy Winterburn reviewed Jazz Fest in New Orleans, United States

    The spirit of Jazz Fest is passionate, lively and spontaneous and organisers promise you a soul-stirring experience fuelled by the best jazz, gospel, cajun blues, R&B, funk and Caribbean music. The Jazz Fest experience typifies both the highs and lows…"

  10. Amy Winterburn reviewed Sundance Film Festival in Mountain States, United States

    If you enjoy independent or documentary films or you just like seeing the weird and the wonderful on screen then you have probably already heard of or aspire to attend the Sundance Film Festival. Founded by Robert Redford in 1981 to promote creativity i…"

  11. Amy Winterburn reviewed New Orleans Mardi Gras in New Orleans, United States

    The New Orleans Mardi Gras Carnival reflects the party spirit of a city still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Between 40 and 50 parades of huge, carefully designed floats, dancing, music and marching take place along several differen…"

  12. Amy Winterburn reviewed National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, United States

    If you fancy yourself as a cowboy or girl don your stetsons and boots and come down to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December where you can see what a real cowboy can do. This ten day rodeo competition to find the best of rodeo best has bull…"

  13. Amy Winterburn reviewed Golden Shears in North Island, New Zealand

    You may think you’re not particularly interested in seeing sheep shorn quickly but the New Zealand’s Golden Shears competition will probably surprise you. The sheep are caught, thrown around by skilled hands and shorn in less than 60 seconds. Before …"

  14. Amy Winterburn reviewed WOMADelaide in Adelaide, Australia

    WOMAD stands for World of Music, Art and Dance and is a celebration of the international variety of cultural expression. All WOMAD events are designed for families and feature performances by local and international artists in traditional or indigenous …"

  15. Amy Winterburn reviewed Pasifika in Auckland, New Zealand

    A celebration of New Zealand’s Pacific heritage, Pacifika is a showcase for the traditional music, dance, crafts and culture of the Pacific Islands. Visitors will be among approximately 200,000 people who turn out for the event and will be entertained w…"

  16. Amy Winterburn reviewed The Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Melbourne, Australia

    If you want to see the best of international and Australian comedians performing stand-up, cabaret, street theatre and in film, television and radio you need to get yourself to Melbourne for three and a half weeks during April. There you’ll join about 4…"

  17. Amy Winterburn reviewed Adelaide Festival of Arts in Adelaide, Australia

    Adelaide is Australia’s self proclaimed arts festival hub, holding annual cabaret, literary, guitar, fringe, comedy, dance and ideas festivals. The granddaddy of all the festivals is the Adelaide Festival of Arts which incorporates music, dance, theatre…"

  18. Amy Winterburn reviewed The Big Day Out in Sydney, Australia

    The Big Day Out (BDO) rocks stadiums of people all around Australia and New Zealand with its mix of big international headliners and local acts. Multiple gigs take place all at once on stages of varying sizes all around the grounds, so you have to know …"

  19. Amy Winterburn reviewed National Folk Festival in Canberra, Australia

    Five days and 22 venues featuring over a hundred concerts of the best of local and international folk music talent is a lot of folk music, but the National Folk Festival offers even more. Visitors to the National Folk Festival can attend storytelling (y…"

  20. Amy Winterburn reviewed Queenstown Winter Festival in South Island, New Zealand

    The Queenstown Winter Festival is a ten day announcement that Queenstown is open for winter sports and winter partying. The idea to have a festival in June was coined in 1975 in an attempt to get locals out from hibernation under their duvets and onto t…"