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Have travelled to quite a few capital cities in Europe, and have loved my forays further abroad to Canada and Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore. I'm certainly not the type that sits on a beach for a week. Like to be active and see the sights, whether it is historic, artistic, geological, traditional or modern. But my most treasured moments are away from the well-worn tourist track - in meeting locals and joining in their customs/traditions.

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  1. October 2007
  2. amunguy rated Bridgwater Carnival - Illuminated Parade

  3. amunguy reviewed Bridgwater Carnival - Illuminated Parade in Taunton, United Kingdom

    Bridgwater Carnival is considered to be the biggest and best of a series of parades in the Somerset area. Usually scheduled for the Friday (evening) closest to Guy Fawkes night (5th November). Over 160 entries of people on foot and magnificent illuminat…"