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  16. Allison Hansen reviewed Kadazan rice harvest in Sabah, Malaysia

    Rice in Malaysia was traditionally believed to be animated by a soul, and this rice soul was centered around a myth. Human characteristics similar to the Malays were attributed to the rice soul - sensitive and easily offended or shamed by harsh words or …"

  17. Allison Hansen reviewed Wild blueberry harvest in United States

    In the month of August in New England you can witness striking waves of wild blueberries, sprawling throughout the 60,000 acres of Maine's indigenous fruit fields that date back to the time of native Americans. Each year, people of all ages and all state…"

  18. Allison Hansen reviewed Umbria Chestnut harvest in Central Italy, Italy

    Two million acres of chestnut trees spread across Italy's countryside and produce 80,000 tons of nuts each year. Traditionally, from Roman times until about the 1950s, chestnuts were what made the flour used in pasta, desserts, and bread. The whole ches…"

  19. Allison Hansen reviewed Winter strawberry harvest in United States

      Strawberry season usually lasts through the summer for most parts of the United States, right on time for a sweet taste in the sun, but for Plant City, Florida, the strawberry season doesn't end when the sun goes away. Harvesters continue to work…"

  20. Allison Hansen reviewed Wenatchee Valley Apple harvest in United States

    Not much seems more American than a nice slice of delicious apple pie, but did you ever think of where all these apples come from? Thirty six states grow apples, but Washington State has become the top producer and has the largest variety, earning one of…"

  21. Allison Hansen reviewed Yangyang Songi Mushroom Festival in South Korea

    This festival focuses on the Songi, or pine, mushroom grown naturally in the thick forests of Yangyang. The golden Songi mushroom is unusually soft with a chewy skin and a strong scent of its home pine forest. With prior reservation, visitors have the op…"

  22. Allison Hansen reviewed Medellin coffee bean harvest in South America

    In the past decade this beautiful South American country has seen a boom in its tourism industry. Visitors have discovered the native attractions of its extensive mountains, areas of the Amazon Basin, and close Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Recently …"

  23. Allison Hansen reviewed Vanilla harvest in Madagascar

    Madagascar's region known as SAVA is actually a triangle of the island's four important vanilla-producing cities - Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, and Andapa - and accounts for 60 percent of world-wide vanilla production. Visitors can find all four ci…"

  24. Allison Hansen reviewed Cretan olive harvest in Crete, Greece

    Olives in Crete have been cultivated since about 3500 B.C., and as an island with around seven million olive trees, it's no wonder olive oil has been a significant part of the Cretans' lifestyles for thousands of years. Cretans' meals are loaded with the…"

  25. Allison Hansen reviewed Kodiak Crab Festival in Alaska, United States

    Memorial Day Weekend means one thing for residents on Kodiak Island - it's time to honour their native King Crab. People from all over flock to this small-town festival for its native under-water delicacies every year. Residents first gathered in 1958 fo…"

  26. Allison Hansen reviewed Imouzer Honey Festival in Agadir, Morocco

    Of all the places in the world, the town of Argana, in the province of Agadir, is said to have one of the biggest beehive collections, if not the largest. If it is not the largest beehive collection in the world, then it is most definitely Morocco's lar…"

  27. Allison Hansen reviewed Himalayan Tea tours in India

    Tea tours in India have grown in popularity, so much so that they are sometimes compared to the wine tourism industry. Three of the most distinctive regions of the tea industry are the cool, moist climate of Darjeeling (north-east) in the foothills of th…"

  28. Allison Hansen reviewed Queensland Sugar Mills in Australia

      Though not exactly a replica of something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which most people might like to dream of, the sugar mills of Queensland, Australia do draw crowds of visitors. Eighty-five percent of Queensland's raw sugar i…"

  29. Allison Hansen reviewed Pick-your-own-chilli-farm in South East England, United Kingdom

    Get ready to set your mouth on fire. The UK's first pick-your-own-chilli farm in Bedfordshire offers a day of testing your taste buds at this three-acre site packed with 10,000 chilli plants. Armed with a wheel barrel, customers can fill up on these spic…"

  30. Allison Hansen reviewed South African Cheese Festival in South Africa

    Each spring this four-day culinary experience lets visitors taste their way through tons of cheeses from various exhibitors, with the chance to return home with some yummy purchases. The Cheese festival is a good place for exhibitors to promote their new…"

  31. Allison Hansen reviewed Isle of Wight Garlic Festival in The United Kingdom

    It might not be the best place to pick up a date, but this festival is sure to have you asking for more of its pungent garlic-y treats. Started as a fundraiser in 1983 for the village school, the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival is attended by about 20,000 …"

  32. Allison Hansen reviewed The Festival of Forgotten Fruits in Italy

    You are unlikely to find yourself living like the ancient Romans did, but you can certainly eat like them. Each year in October, the local farmers of the charming, medieval village of Casola Valsenio harvest wild fruits familiar to the diet of long ago. …"

  33. Allison Hansen reviewed Zwiebelmarkt in Thuringia, Germany

    This onion market takes place each year during the second weekend of October and has survived since 1653, when farmers travelled 30 miles from Heldrungen to Weimar's market square with their harvest. The market has since evolved into the biggest food fes…"

  34. Allison Hansen reviewed Chile grape harvest in Chile

    With the Andes Mountains as the backdrop to the sun-drenched regions of Chile, it is no wonder that the country's long history of producing wines has blossomed into wine tourism. Chile's endless vineyards are harvested annually from mid-March until the e…"

  35. Allison Hansen reviewed Lower Saxony Asparagus Route in Lower Saxony, Germany

    With cultivation traceable all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, asparagus is known to have been a popular vegetable, and with the rule of Louis XIV it grew into a luxury item. Spargelzeit, Germany’s asparagus season, produces around 60,000 to…"

  36. October 2007
  37. Allison Hansen reviewed Ang Thong National Marine Park in South East Thailand, Thailand

    Forty-two tiny limestone islands make up the Angthong National Marine Park. Angthong, meaning ‘golden bowl,’ is 31 kilometres west of Samui and features breath-taking views of virgin tropical rain forests, white sand beaches, and coral reefs,…"

  38. Allison Hansen reviewed Golden Mount in Bangkok, Thailand

    Three hundred steps might sound like a lot, but the walk up to the top of The Golden Mount is worth it, if not for the 360 degree view of Bangkok, then certainly for the golden chedi for which the hill is named. The chedi is covered with thousands of gol…"

  39. Allison Hansen reviewed Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand

    To shop your way through this 35-acre market with upwards of 15,000 stalls, you’ll need to be prepared. Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market is not only the largest in Thailand, it’s the largest in the world. At least 200,000 visitors co…"