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Alistair Lawson lives in Melbourne Australia and is the owner/ Director of surf tour company Offshore Surf Tours in Torquay. He takes both beginner and intermediate surfers down along the Great Ocean Road for between 1 and 4 day tours. Alistair has been surfing for 14 years and has travelled to a number of places around the world. "I enjoy travelling to different places to surf as the waves are very different from place to place. I enjoy the whole experience of both the surfing aspect and taking in the local cultures to see how different people around the globe interact and their life's philosophies."
Alistair also runs 1800SURFLESSONS a company designed to offer people the very best options for surf lessons and tours Australia wide. Visit their site at for full details.

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  1. June 2008
  2. Alistair Lawson reviewed Bells Beach Surf in Geelong West, Australia

    There are a few sections to Bell that in the right conditions can join up to produce one of the longest waves in the area. Can handle real size of 15ft+. Holds longest running world professional surfing competition each Easter."

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  7. Alistair Lawson reviewed Newquay - England's Surfing Capital in West Country, United Kingdom

    Fistral Beach Newquays main surfing beach has a number of breaks for beginner and intermediate levels. Can get busy especailly in summer months Great Western Sand banks that on their day can be faily good. Just watch out for crowds. Watergate Ba…"

  8. Alistair Lawson reviewed The Great Ocean Road: Geelong to Warnambool in Geelong West, Australia

    There are a number of great breaks in the area and something for everyone from A frame peaks to point breaks. Jan Juc Can get very good on its day with hollow waves when the banks are good. Just up from the main breaks is Bird Rock. A short right han…"

  9. August 2007
  10. Alistair Lawson reviewed Surfing Savai'i in Samoa

    Western Samoa has two main islands called Savai’i and Upolu. They are made up from huge volcanic rocks, which make the land extremely beautiful and mountainous. The land itself has a huge covering of lush greenery which is kept that way due to the huge…"

  11. Alistair Lawson reviewed Upola's surf in Samoa

    Western Samoa is a great place to escape from crowds and into the warmer climates. It is one of the last surf destinations where there are a number of undiscovered surf spots which make Western Samoa a great follow-your-nose surfing adventure. Upolu see…"