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27th September 2007

Alexis has been skiing, snowboarding and generally bumming around the resorts of the world since she was in nappies. She also enjoys nothing better than exploring the hidden wonders of the world.

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  1. December 2007
  2. alexis_b rated Skiing Las Leñas

  3. alexis_b reviewed Skiing Las Leñas in Cuyo, Argentina

    For the best extreme skiing in South America head to the Las Leñas ski resort in Argentina. It was opened nearly twenty – five years ago and is still attracting adrenaline junkies from around the world thanks to its high slopes and plentiful off-piste o…"

  4. September 2007
  5. alexis_b reviewed Chacaltaya Ski Resort in La Paz, Bolivia

    For lofty adventures, head to the highest ski resort in the world at Chacaltaya Resort in Bolivia. It is the country's only ski resort and is built on top of a glacier. Bolivia is the highest and most rugged nation on earth and with an elevation of over …"

  6. alexis_b reviewed Hemavan Ski Resort in Norrland, Sweden

    Described as the last big wilderness in Western Europe, Lapland is well worth a visit (even if you don't plan on visiting Santa). There are some fantastic skiing facilities, the most famous being Hemavan Resort. It boasts some great facilities and has 33…"

  7. alexis_b reviewed Joetsu Kokusai Ski Resort in Koshin'etsu, Japan

    The Joetsu Kokusai resort in Japan is a fantastic ski getaway for all levels of ability. Although small, the expansive runs and enigmatic views make it one of the best skiing areas that Japan has to offer. The resort offers lessons to all age groups and …"

  8. alexis_b reviewed Cradle Mountain Skiing in Tasmania, Australia

    If you long to ski without the hassle of eternal queues for chairlifts and wading through crowds, then head out to Cradle Mountain, located in Australia's Lake St Clair National Park. It is definitely not a place for snow bunnies and only the tough, unfl…"

  9. alexis_b reviewed Kuutsemäe Ski Resort in Tartu, Estonia

    The beautiful resort of Kuutsemäe lies just a small distance from the Estonian winter capital of Otepää. Originally named Kuutse Hill, the place has been developed into a popular winter resort with its various slalom tracks being a draw to skiing enthusi…"

  10. alexis_b reviewed Schweizerland Skiing Expedition in Greenland

    "For a completely different skiing holiday that's not for the faint of heart, visit the Schweizerland region of eastern Greenland. 'Alpine Guides' offer a two week holiday tour doing expedition-style skiing though stunning arctic scenery. It requires a ce…"

  11. alexis_b reviewed Bansko in Bansko, Bulgaria

    For great skiing and fantastic modern facilities, the Bulgarian resort of Bankso is worth considering for its good value. In the past few years there has been a multi-million Euro investment in the area and it shows through the site's luxury hotels, apar…"

  12. alexis_b reviewed Bears Town Ski Resort in South Korea

    Bears Town Resort in Korea is a firm favourite among the country's city dwellers with a mix of beginner and advanced slopes. It is situated an hour away from Seoul in a deep valley on Mount Sorak. It is fully equipped and an excellent place to learn. The…"

  13. alexis_b reviewed Kranjska Gora Ski Resort in Villach, Slovenia

    Slovenia is a tiny country (roughly half the size of Switzerland) but it has some good skiing resorts located on the Julian Alps. The premier resort of Kranjska Gora lies at an altitude of around 800 metres and the highest point for skiing is 1,291metres…"

  14. alexis_b reviewed Mount Hutt Ski Resort in South Island, New Zealand

    The Mount Hutt ski area is located on New Zealand's South Island, on the eastern region of the Southern Alps range of mountains. It is one of the country's best loved skiing areas due to its wide range of open slopes and its panoramic views of the Pacifi…"

  15. alexis_b reviewed Merida Skiing in Mucumpiz, Venezuela

    The university town of Merida, situated in the west of Venezuela, boasts the highest cable car runs in the world, reaching in excess of 13,000 feet. The views from these cars are sensational and like nowhere else on earth. It is at this height that many …"

  16. alexis_b reviewed Bukovel Ski Resort in Ukraine

    For a new European class resort, you can't do much better than Bukovel Ski Resort in the Ukraine. It is situated in Ivano-Frankivsk, at a base elevation of 900m, with the top slope starting at 1,370m. The resort is a highly organised and efficient deligh…"

  17. alexis_b reviewed Yabuli Ski Resort in Northeast China, China

    Over the last decade China's skiing industry has taken off. Ten years ago, it was suggested that only 200 people in China had skied. Today, that figure is well over a million. It has become the ultimate luxury for young, urban professionals and has becom…"

  18. alexis_b reviewed Auli Ski Resort in Uttar Pradesh, India

    Realising the massive popularity of skiing and the vast, breathtaking spaces in the North of India, the country has invested a lot of time and money into ski resorts. These resorts are some of the best in the world, and what better way to enjoy high alti…"

  19. alexis_b reviewed Blafjoll Ski Resort in Iceland

    "For year round snowy fun, Iceland is probably the best destination. The resort of Blafjoll is the country's largest skiing area and it caters for all levels from complete beginners straight through to world-class competitors. The main slopes are lit up a…"

  20. alexis_b reviewed Kopaonik Ski Resort in Serbia

    The resort of Kopaonik in Serbia has been gaining in popularity over the past few years thanks to its recent and numerous developments. It's a gem of a resort, nestled between powdered coniferous forests and has some stunning scenery. It has a good snowf…"

  21. alexis_b reviewed Palandoken Skiing in Erzurum, Turkey

    "Thanks to the superb snow conditions, long runs, and international reputation, the village of Palandoken is one of Turkey's best skiing resorts. The long winter season runs from October to May and they can get an impressive eight feet of snow. It is loca…"

  22. alexis_b reviewed Spindleruv-mlyn Ski Resort in Czech Republic

    "The resort of Spindleruv-mlyn is the most popular ski resort in the entire Czech Republic. The town itself lies in the aptly named Giant Mountain National Park and has an area of around 77km. In the off season, the town is resident to around 1,300 inhabi…"

  23. alexis_b reviewed Dizin Ski Resort in Iran

    The ski resort of Dizin is located two hours north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range. Surprisingly, it is one of the highest ski resorts in the world with the highest lift reaching 3,600m. It is recognised as a centre for international competitions …"

  24. alexis_b rated Bukovel Ski Resort

  25. alexis_b rated Bears Town Ski Resort

  26. alexis_b reviewed Hemsedal in Hemsedal, Norway

    With some of the best snowfall and even better après ski, the resort of Hemsedal in Norway is definitely giving alpine resorts a run for their money. The area is a charming idyll, located in the Hallingdal Valley between Bergen and Oslo. The whole resort…"

  27. alexis_b rated Hemsedal

  28. alexis_b rated Jasna Ski Resort

  29. alexis_b rated Kopaonik Ski Resort

  30. alexis_b rated Nepal Skiing

  31. alexis_b rated Merida Skiing

  32. alexis_b rated Popova Shapka Ski Resort

  33. alexis_b rated Palandoken Skiing

  34. alexis_b rated Arefjallen Ski Resort

  35. alexis_b rated Cradle Mountain Skiing

  36. alexis_b rated Mount Hutt Ski Resort

  37. alexis_b rated Tiffindel Ski Resort

  38. alexis_b rated Spindleruv-mlyn Ski Resort

  39. alexis_b rated Kranjska Gora Ski Resort

  40. alexis_b reviewed Skiing and Heli-skiing at Kamchatka Resort in Far Eastern Russia, Russia

    For some of the best Heli skiing, head out to Kamchatka in the far east of Siberia. The region was previously a military zone but since being opened up it expands to an area almost the size of France. The area is practically untouched and with 10% of the…"

  41. alexis_b reviewed Mount Hermon Ski Resort in Israel

    Mount Hermon is the highest peak in both Israel and Syria and is Israel's only ski resort. It is located in the north of Israel and is not far from Nazareth. The mountain appears unexpectedly and grandly from the mostly flat terrain and once at the top, …"

  42. alexis_b reviewed Jasna Ski Resort in Slovakia

    In the central part of a 100km stretch of mountains called the Low Tatras lies the resort of Jasna; an icy paradise for all skiers. The resort sits on the southern slopes of Chopok Mountain, in the picturesque Demänovská Valley and it is a well known are…"

  43. alexis_b reviewed Popova Shapka Ski Resort in Tetovo, Macedonia

    Despite being one of Europe's most southern countries, Macedonia is a fantastic place for skiing and has some enviable resorts. One of the most popular resorts is Popova Shapka which is just over 1800m high and located on the southern slopes of Sar Plani…"

  44. alexis_b reviewed Poiana Brasov Ski Resort in Braşov, Romania

    The quiet, traffic-free resort of Poiana Brasov in Transylvanian Romania is hailed as the best ski resort in the country and one of the top skiing resorts in Europe. Situated in the beautiful Carpathian mountains the resort offers beautiful hotels, subli…"

  45. alexis_b reviewed Portillo Ski Resort in Santiago Metropolita, Chile

    Portillo ski resort in Chile is the oldest in South America. It was created over 50 years ago and was the first resort of its kind on the continent. The resort has maintained its unique quality over the years and is a beautiful, private hideaway for thos…"

  46. alexis_b reviewed Nepal Skiing in Mount Everest, Nepal

    For adventurers who want to discover their own private place to ski, there is no better place than Nepal. The country itself has no ski or snowboard resorts and so any skiing you may want to do will be of your own making. There are several companies that…"

  47. alexis_b reviewed Arefjallen Ski Resort in Norrland, Sweden

    "Arefjallen Ski Resort boasts the best skiing in Northern Europe and is host to various international competitions as well as the Skutskjutet, which is the world's largest downhill race. The high elevation ensures great snow cover and a high sunshine aver…"

  48. alexis_b reviewed Tiffindel Ski Resort in Lesotho

    "Tiffindel Resort is a great destination for a really unique South African experience. It sits on the highest mountain in the Eastern Cape (Ben Mcdhui) and is currently undergoing a massive expansion of its facilities. The main slope is around 600m and th…"