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  1. June 2009
  2. Alex Vargas reviewed Palo Verde National Park in Costa Rica

    Palo Verde National Park has such an important relevance for migrating birds of the Americas, that it was amongst the first Ramsar sites nominated.  This is what you can certainly call an Oasis: more than 300 species have been recorded, but when it …"

  3. Alex Vargas reviewed Savegre Valley and Cerro de la Muerte in Costa Rica

    This birding sanctuary is by far the best place in the country for the astonishing and amazing Resplendent Quetzal, named by many as the most beautiful bird of the world, amongst many other attractive highland specialties. We are talking about the highl…"

  4. Alex Vargas commented on Carara Biological Reserve in San José, Costa Rica

    "This is another amazing area of country for the totally diverse range of species. What makes Carara so good for birdwatching is its location as the northernmost tropical rainforest on Costa Rica's Pacific side. Right at its edge the tropical dry forest c…"

  5. Alex Vargas rated La Selva Biological Station

  6. November 2007
  7. Alex Vargas reviewed La Selva Biological Station in San José, Costa Rica

    By far, the very best birding site of Costa Rica... and I bet, one of the best in the entire world!Here you can get up to 100 species of birds in just a few hours, with real opportunities to some hard-to-get targets and see birds like the amazing, and al…"