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  1. November 2010
  2. Alex Johnson reviewed Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, United States

    Each American family has their own Thanksgiving Day traditions leading up to the gut busting dinner. Some spend the day driving to relatives’ houses, others have a family football game or run in a Turkey Trot, but one of the most popular ways to be…"

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  9. October 2010
  10. Alex Johnson wrote a holiday idea Four Days in Athens

    Athens offers lots to see and do that easily fits into a four day time frame. "

  11. Alex Johnson reviewed Athens' Central Market in Athens, Greece

    Step into the Athens Central Market to catch a glimpse of the past. The ancient market tradition of Athens is still thriving on Athinas street Monday through Saturday. The main market is made up of several smaller markets, each selling a specialty. At th…"

  12. Alex Johnson reviewed Psiri in Athens, Greece

    Psiri has a dark past but it is a bright spot in modern Athens. Once the center of Athens’ underworld, the haven of revolutionaries and a popular hangout of rembetica musicians, today it is one of the most colorful areas of the city. During the da…"

  13. Alex Johnson reviewed Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece

    The building of the temple was initiated in the 6th century BC by a tyrannical ruler named Pisistratus. It was halted, when his son, Hippias, was overthrown and though there were several attempts to continue construction, none were successful. The temple…"

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