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Alessia is a freelance writer with a passion for travel. She has travelled widely in Europe and North America, with a love for all things food and cooking. She tries to combine travel with culinary tourism as much as she can. Her expertise is in markets and great places to shop, which she has researched for World Reviewer.

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  1. April 2010
  2. Alessia Horwich reviewed Mercado Lucas de Gálvez in Mérida, Mexico

    As Mérida's main market this place has to have grandpa shirts, known locally as guayaberas, baskets in all shapes and sizes, pottery of all kinds and colours, hammocks and panama hats. It has other things besides but this region is specially know…"

  3. June 2009
  4. Alessia Horwich rated The Grand Museum (Giza)

  5. Alessia Horwich rated The Sphinx

  6. Alessia Horwich rated Abu Simbel

  7. May 2009
  8. Alessia Horwich rated Yogamagic Ecotents

  9. Alessia Horwich rated Whitepod eco-camp

  10. Alessia Horwich rated Thaba-Metsi Adventure Farm

  11. Alessia Horwich rated Patagonia Camp

  12. Alessia Horwich rated La Brouquere

  13. Alessia Horwich rated Airstream and Retro Trailer Park

  14. Alessia Horwich rated Le Brévedent

  15. Alessia Horwich rated Tipis Indiens, Gedre

  16. Alessia Horwich rated Les Tilleuls Campsite

  17. Alessia Horwich rated Camping Les Ormes

  18. Alessia Horwich rated Camping Domaine le Poteau

  19. July 2008
  20. Alessia Horwich reviewed Diving and sleeping at Jules' Undersea Lodge in US South East, United States

    "The Jules Undersea Lodge is an ex-underwater research facility that has been converted into a hotel with two bedrooms, a common room and a kitchenette. In each room there is a large window from which you can observe the anemones, sponges, oysters and fe…"

  21. May 2008
  22. Alessia Horwich reviewed Yediburunlar Lighthouse in Fethiye, Turkey

    "Up until 2008, guests have visited the Yediburunlar lighthouse to relax in the spectacular surroundings, to enjoy the specially designed day trips that the hotel runs to help you experience as much of the region as possible, and finally to gorge themselv…"

  23. Alessia Horwich reviewed Elephant in the Kwando and Selinda Reserves in NW Botswana, Botswana

    "You don’t get much more adventurous than speeding out into the wilderness in an open 4x4 in the hope of catching a glimpse of one of thousands of species of animal and bird that you’d probably only see in a zoo in Europe. At the Kwando Lagoon Camp fam…"

  24. Alessia Horwich reviewed Sailing the British Virgin Islands in British Virgin Islands

    "Sailing in the British Virgin Islands is no day out on the Broads. Apart from the warm weather and shining sun, as opposed to the more frequent British freezing rain and sleet, the cluster of islands protects you from the Caribbean Sea swells making it …"

  25. Alessia Horwich reviewed Vienna to Prague Cycling Greenways in Vienna, Austria

    "Cycling from Prague to Vienna might sound a bit daunting, but the Greenways web of trails of 250-350 miles that link these two capital cities are a great way for cyclists of any proficiency to meander around the Austrian and Czech Republic countryside, d…"

  26. Alessia Horwich reviewed Wadi Rum in Jordan

    "For a sandy adventure Indiana Jones style, the landscape of Wadi Rum (The Valley of the Moon) in Jordan provides all the dunes you need to ride over and canyons you need to zoom through to feel like you’re really Harrison Ford’s stunt double all the way …"

  27. Alessia Horwich reviewed The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia

    "The Blue Mountains, a world heritage site west of Sydney, offer some spectacular views from the plateaus running along the top of the range. However, some of the most fun to be had in the Blue Mountains is down in the valleys, slipping and sliding aroun…"

  28. Alessia Horwich reviewed Able Tasman National Park Kayaking in South Island, New Zealand

    "One of the most striking elements of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy was the stunning back drop, but seeing it on the big screen is nothing compared to the sight of the big looming mountains and the amazing colours that the New Zealand landscape has t…"

  29. April 2008
  30. Alessia Horwich reviewed Dinosaur Digging in Colorado in Colorado Springs, United States

    What could be more adventurous than going in search of dinosaurs for your family holiday? The only thing is, it’s not so much the animals themselves, but the fossils that they have left behind. Forget dragging your children around the Museum of N…"

  31. Alessia Horwich reviewed Learn Bushcraft in Wales in Swansea, United Kingdom

    If you want to get away from modern day life and rediscover simplicity, then it doesn’t get much more basic than taking a course in Bushcraft. There are family courses aiming to show you and your offspring how to live comfortably in a wilderness e…"

  32. Alessia Horwich reviewed Bottle Nose Dolphin Watching in Moray Firth in Scotland, United Kingdom

    For an adventure on the wild Scottish sea and a chance to discover the rich marine life that Britain has to offer, you can travel up to Moray Firth on the north coast of Scotland to get a look at one of just three populations of bottle-nose dolphins arou…"

  33. Alessia Horwich reviewed Family friendly Mountain Biking in the South Tyrol in Bolzano, Italy

    The mountainous terrain of the south Tyrol region is perfect to provide a real challenge for a family of seasoned cyclists, or just a lot of fun for a family who want to have a laugh and get outdoors to soak up a bit of sun. You can plan your own route …"

  34. Alessia Horwich reviewed Learning to surf at Padstow in West Country, United Kingdom

    Surfing may be on the tame side of adventurous, but it’s certainly ‘radical’ and should be met with enthusiasm by most moody teenagers. At Treyarnon Bay Youth Hostel you can do a four day all inclusive surfing course where they will fit you out with all…"

  35. Alessia Horwich reviewed Family friendly Horse Riding in Arizona in Southwest Desert, United States

    For families who fancy themselves as budding lone rangers, you can try your hand at all the essential cowboy skills at the Tanque Verde Ranch in Arizona. It’s one of America’s oldest ranches and a great place to learn to ride if you are just a beginner,…"

  36. Alessia Horwich reviewed Learn to cook with Tasting Places in London, United Kingdom

    Tasting places is no residential course; it’s a one stop shop to Michelin star glory, or at least a pretty impressive dinner party round yours. The school is well connected and sets up cooking master classes with London’s top chefs like Ange…"

  37. Alessia Horwich reviewed Samp & Soufflé Cooking School in Cape Town, South Africa

    Samp and Soufflé cookery school works with the best South African chefs and offers different culinary holidays all over South Africa. If you’re keener on the tasting side of a culinary getaway, the luxury weekend at the Franschhoek guest ho…"

  38. Alessia Horwich reviewed Swinton Park Cookery School in North East England, United Kingdom

    Swinton Park Hotel is a 30 bedroom castle in Yorkshire that has an AA three-rosette rating and a cooking school with standards to match. It’s certainly a strange place to have a cooking school, but the Georgian stables, set in the Yorkshire Dales, …"

  39. Alessia Horwich reviewed Home Food Smoking Courses at Bluebell Croft in Glasgow, United Kingdom

    For those who feel that supermarket smoked ham isn’t smoky enough, that smoked salmon tastes suspiciously un-smoked and that no evening is complete without the gravely tones of Smokey Robinson, Bluebell croft runs home-smoking courses covering all …"

  40. Alessia Horwich reviewed Learn to Cook Indian food at the Pimenta Cooking School in Kerala, India

    The Pimenta cooking school takes place in a family kitchen in the midst of a seven acre spice plantation in the foothills of Kerala’s Western Ghats. It’s rough and ready accommodation and facilities but it doesn’t get more authentic th…"

  41. Alessia Horwich reviewed Vietnamese Cooking Class with Trinh Diem Vy in Vietnam

    Ms Vy is the notorious figure behind four of the best restaurants in Vietnam and at her most recently opened restaurant ‘Morning Glory’ she runs a master cooking class in Vietnamese food teaching us mere mortals to produce crispy spring rolls…"

  42. Alessia Horwich reviewed Anna Tasca Lanza Sicilian Cooking School in Palermo, Italy

    If there’s anything to be learned from a trip to Sicily, it’s that the Sicilian’s know their food ; their daily street markets are brimming with delectable treats and street food is a staple as everyone is always eating; whether it&rsqu…"

  43. Alessia Horwich reviewed Learn to cook Mexican fare in Sazon in Mexico City, Mexico

    Forget Old El Paso, the Mexican cuisine you learn to cook at Sazon is serious stuff. You’ll be rifling through tons of different kinds of chilies, learning to use indigenous ingredients like nopales (cacti) and huitlacoche (corn fungus) to produce…"

  44. Alessia Horwich reviewed Learn to cook at the Château de Pallanne in Midi-Pyrenees, France

    Even without the lure of the afternoon fois gras and wine tasting, the majestic 18th century château, the 18-hole golf course and lazing around by the heated swimming pool is enough reason to hide the bathroom scales and jet off to Gascony in the s…"

  45. Alessia Horwich reviewed El Txoko del Gourmet Tapas School in San Sebastian, Spain

    The tapas bars in the UK are permanently packed and if you serve beer to your guests unaccompanied by some patatas bravas or some crusty bread and jamon Serrano then you can’t call yourself a good host. In fact, tapas is so hot at the moment that …"

  46. Alessia Horwich reviewed Dar Liqama Culinary Course in Marrakech, Morocco

    The culinary courses offered by Dar Liqama are more like luxury holidays with excursions and pampering, plus a bit of cooking on the side. Don’t be fooled though, the lessons will help you overcome the mysteries of fragrant Moroccan food and help you de…"

  47. Alessia Horwich reviewed Bumbu Bali Cooking School in Bali, Indonesia

    You’ve got to be early to bed the night before you start at the Bumbu Bali because school kicks off at 6am with a trip to the local vegetable and fish markets to get all the produce you’ll cook with throughout the day. It’s only when …"

  48. Alessia Horwich reviewed Four Seasons hotel cook school in Chiang Mai in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    The secret of success in making a Thai curry eludes the best of us, but at the cooking school at the Chiang Mai Four Seasons resorting to a pre-prepared curry paste is not an option. You’ll be taught how to choose and prepare your own herbs and sp…"

  49. February 2008
  50. Alessia Horwich reviewed Learning to Dive in the Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt

    Egypt is famed for its amazing historical artefacts, its rich culture and above all the vast Egyptian desert full of tons and tons of sand. However, one of the most abundant and rich aspects of Egypt lies beneath the red sea; which is home to some of th…"

  51. December 2007
  52. Alessia Horwich reviewed Tsukiji Fish Markets in Tokyo, Japan

    "The Tsukiji Fish market is not for the faint hearted. It is the largest of Tokyo’s wholesale markets selling vegetables, fruit and most importantly fish. The selection of seafood is vast; it is one of the biggest fish markets in the world, and so althoug…"

  53. October 2007
  54. Alessia Horwich reviewed The Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago, United States

    As you stumble into Chicago's Millenium Park after a mad dash across Michigan Ave, where the lights give you precisely 19 seconds to traverse the busy downtown traffic, you might think you've misadvertently wandered into Bilbao Spain. But the huge metal…"

  55. September 2007
  56. Alessia Horwich reviewed La Fête de La Crevette et de La Peche in Le Havre, France

    Although by the time they get to our plates the prawns we eat are pink, the shrimp and fish festival in Honfleur celebrates ‘la petite grise’, the small grey shrimps that are the speciality of the port. During the festival traditional sailing boats, tha…"

  57. Alessia Horwich reviewed Harwich Cranberry Festival in New England, United States

    Rather than taking a trip to the ocean spray cranberry museum in Plymouth to learn all about the harvest process, at the Harwich Cranberry Festival you can watch the harvest live in the flesh, whilst munching on an enormous homemade cranberry muffin. If…"

  58. Alessia Horwich reviewed White Truffle Festival in Tuscany, Italy

    Traditionally truffle harvests were times when the whole village flocked into the surrounding woodland to see pigs careering around the forest floor, pulling their owners behind them as they snuffle excitedly amongst the tree trunks. Today the Mostra Me…"

  59. Alessia Horwich reviewed Fête des Vendanges in Rhone-Alps, France

    Although Cotes du Rhône is a popular cheap tipple, the area also produces some of France’s finest vintages and it all begins, of course, with the harvest of the grapes. To celebrate the hard work of the grape-pickers of the village Tain-l’Hermitage comi…"

  60. Alessia Horwich reviewed Arcata Bay Oyster Festival in US West Coast, United States

    If Dickens’ Oliver Twist had been at the Arcata Bay Oyster festival he certainly would not have been asking for more. In fact, the sheer abundance of oysters available to eat raw or cooked on one Saturday in June is astounding; enough to feed the ten to…"

  61. Alessia Horwich reviewed Spargelfest in Mannheim, Germany

    The German taste for white asparagus was first developed by the Elector Palatine Karl Theodore who, in the 17th century, decided to start growing the vegetable in the light sandy soils of the back garden of his palace in Schwetzingen. Gradually other ro…"

  62. Alessia Horwich reviewed Fiera del Parmigiano Reggino in Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy

    Just like Champagne, the famous Parmigiano-Reggiano name can only be branded onto cheese fabricated in the small producing areas of and in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. Within this region the process of cheese making has remained much t…"

  63. Alessia Horwich reviewed The Marmara Antalya in Antalya, Turkey

    At the Marmara hotel in Antalya there are no decisions to be made at check in between an ocean or a garden view and no disappointment when your preference is not available because this is the world’s only revolving hotel giving you a full 360° panoramic …"

  64. Alessia Horwich reviewed Quinta Real Zacatecas in Zacatecas, Mexico

    Quinta Real is a chain of luxury hotels with properties all over Mexico. What makes their hotel in Zacatecas special is that it is built in the former Plaza de Toros de San Pedro, a 17th century bullfighting ring. Today the hotel, which sits next to th…"

  65. Alessia Horwich reviewed Residenza D'Arte in Tuscany, Italy

    To mistake the Residenza D’Arte for an art gallery instead of a hotel would be a very easy mistake to make. The owners of this 12th century Tuscan monastery have adorned its walls, floors and gardens with the artwork of acclaimed artist Ana Izzo creatin…"

  66. Alessia Horwich reviewed Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge in Sacred Valley, Peru

    As the only hotel located right next to Machu Picchu and its citadel, the attraction of the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge is location, location, location. For the price the standards of the hotel are not really up to scratch, but at a minute’s walk…"

  67. Alessia Horwich reviewed Elkep Evi in Central Antolia, Turkey

    The cave hotels in Urgup are all much the same and The Elkep Evi is no exception. Sitting on the edge of the Goreme National Park, it offers cave rooms with traditional Turkish decoration and terraces, with views over the valley. The rooms are natural …"

  68. Alessia Horwich reviewed PJ’s Underground Bed and Breakfast in Western Australia, Australia

    The town White Cliffs was the first commercial Opal field in Australia founded in the late 19th century. At the time of the first settlers, building materials were scarce and summers were hot, so the miners began to convert their old mine shafts into re…"

  69. Alessia Horwich reviewed Life Boat Hotel in The Netherlands

    "Between 1955 and 1979 this British Watson class lifeboat rescued hundreds of sailors from dangerous situations and today it has been redesigned as a stylish hotel to rescue holiday goers from dangerously dull accommodation. Below deck, the Lillas Marras…"

  70. August 2007
  71. Alessia Horwich reviewed Secrets on the Lake Tree Houses in Queensland, Australia

    Rather than traditional tree-houses, these hotels looking across Lake Baroon in Queensland are more like four star luxury pads that happen to be on stilts. Each house has an individual theme and has been designed by a local artist with its specific them…"

  72. Alessia Horwich reviewed Fur 'N' Feathers Rainforest Tree Houses in Queensland, Australia

    "The Fur ‘N’ Feathers resort may be made up of tree houses constructed from the wood of the rainforest, but don’t be fooled, there is nothing rustic about them. The tree houses have electricity, running water and telephones. The wood is beautifully poli…"

  73. Alessia Horwich reviewed Parrot Nest Lodge in Belize

    "The Parrot Nest Lodge consists of several huts with thatched roofs that sit on 12 foot stilts amongst huge guanacaste trees in a 5 acre tropical plant just outside of San Ignacio in Belize. The lodge has one en-suite room and the rest share the ground f…"

  74. Alessia Horwich reviewed Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

    The Jam went underground to hear the brass bands play and feet start to pound, but at the Gamirasu Cave Hotel going underground means the absolute opposite; peace, tranquillity and spirituality. A former Byzantine monastic retreat, the Gamirasu caves, d…"

  75. Alessia Horwich reviewed Beckham Creek Haven in Deep South, United States

    This huge natural Ozark cave in the Buffalo National River country was originally renovated and turned into a home in 1984 by the president of a tea company who was convinced of an impending holocaust and intended to use it as a bomb shelter. In 1987, a…"

  76. Alessia Horwich reviewed Kokopelli's Cave in Plains Midwest, United States

    "This 1,650 square foot cave bed and breakfast somewhat resembles the evil lair of a James Bond enemy, hidden away in the mountainside for maximum secrecy but at the same time having everything you would expect in an ordinary house. But of course, Kokope…"

  77. Alessia Horwich reviewed Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel in Amazon-North, Brazil

    The Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel sits 21 metres above the forest floor, amongst the canopy of the Amazon Forest, 35 miles from Manaus in Brazil. Although this is the largest commercial treehouse with over 4km of walkways that connect several lodges and eve…"

  78. Alessia Horwich reviewed Waitomo Place, Train and Hobbit Motels in North Island, New Zealand

    The Woodlyn Park in Otorohanga offers a choice of three bizarre accommodations for you to stay in whilst you explore the Waitomo Caves Village or the glow worm caves. The first is a refurbished 1950s train carriage which not only has three rooms sleepin…"

  79. Alessia Horwich reviewed Harlingen Lighthouse hotel in The Netherlands

    This converted lighthouse sits in the middle of the busy Harlingen harbour where it used to warn boats away from the harbour’s sandbanks, and instead today, provides amazing panoramic views of out to see and of the seaside town of Harlingen. The interio…"

  80. Alessia Horwich reviewed Woodpecker Hotel in Västerås, Sweden

    "The Woodpecker Hotel is perched in a 130 year old Oak tree, thirteen metres above the ground with only a wobbly rope ladder for access. This of course rules out big suitcases and vertigo sufferers. However without all the clutter of a normal trip you c…"

  81. Alessia Horwich reviewed Sanya Nanshan Treehouses and Beach Resort in Haikou, China

    "The Sanya Nanshan Treehouses perch in the top of huge old tamarind trees on the edge of a beautiful beach and overlooking a new 5,000 acre Buddhist and ecological national park where temples and pagodas are nestled amongst the botanical gardens. The hug…"

  82. Alessia Horwich reviewed Mercado de La Ribera in Bilbao, Spain

    There is a plaque on the front entrance of the Mercado de la Ribera which declares that it is the largest covered food market in Europe, however it was the residents of Bilbao’s old town themselves who proclaimed this and so whether such a claim is true …"

  83. Alessia Horwich reviewed Mercado de La Paz in Madrid, Spain

    Another of Eiffel’s iron structures that today has become a food market, El Mercado de La Paz is situated in the exclusive Salamanca neighbourhood of Madrid where chic and elegance are paramount and you can buy tapas to die for. Stalls display gorgeousl…"

  84. Alessia Horwich reviewed Santa Monica Farmers’ Market in Los Angeles, United States

    The Santa Monica Farmer’s market is an abundant source of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats with lashings of extra ethics for a guilt-free shop. The freshly grown produce is locally grown limiting carbon emissions during transportation, it is often org…"

  85. Alessia Horwich reviewed Borough Market in London, United Kingdom

    "In existence since Roman times, Borough Market is London’s oldest food market and has occupied its present site for 250 years. Borough market is only open to the public on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The market sells fresh organic vegetables and fr…"