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Alan McBride lives in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.
Alan grew up in Lancashire, moved to New Zealand and then Australia in the 1970s.
His interest in birds and indeed anything that swims, flies, crawls or otherwise moves, started early and has never waned. Alan has travelled all over the world to look for birds (he even has over 600 species on his US list) but it is Australia and the surrounding region, including New Caledonia and New Zealand, where he has a special expertise. Here, he is a very experienced guide (having already led 100 + birding tours) and knows Australia intimately, having visited just about every important birding locale on the continent, often on many occasions.
Alan was instrumental in getting the famous Sydney / Wollongong deep water pelagic trips off the ground in 1978; trips that subsequently recorded many bird and cetacean firsts for Australian waters. After over 850 pelagic trips, including selling and guiding the first commercial trip to the sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia, his seabird identification is well-honed! Alan is a past President of the New South Wales Field Ornithologists Club (now Birding NSW) and has been heavily involved with a number of other ornithological organizations in Australia such as Birds Australia, Seabird Group and Wader Study Group amongst others.
His photographs have appeared in such publications as Readers Digest book of Australian Birds, National Photographic Index of Australian Wildlife and numerous photographic field guides, including Peter Harrison's famed Seabirds guide.
Alan's other interests include France and French food and wine goodies, photography, writing, travelling, Scuba diving, hiking, cooking, music and anything to do with natural history.

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    I was here to attend the Global Birdwatching Conference 2010, organised by the Gujarat Government. Bringing together 500 or so world birdwatchers, travel writers, photographers and various members of birding and other, NGO's from around the world, this e…"

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    "Yes & No! You are on top of a glacier and surrounded by crevices, so yes from a safety aspect it was. Standing in glorious fresh snow and wanting to do more, well no not really. All said and done though, it is spectacular up there. If you walk fro…"

  6. Alan McBride commented on In a SPACESHIP in a New Zealand winter

    "On the helicopter trip you get to walk around on top of Fox Glacier for about ten minutes. You can walk to the face of Franz Josef but need to go with a registered guide from the town. They equip you with gloves and boots, etc.....;-)"

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    We took a two week break in a camper-van in the South Island of New Zealand; it was winter and we weren't there to ski!:"

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    On our winter time trip to New Zealand, of particular interest was the small "French town" of Akaroa on the Banks Peninsula just over an hour from Christchurch. A cruise on Akaroa Harbour was brilliant for the pleasant winter weather, lack of …"

  9. Alan McBride commented on Christmas Island in Christmas Island

    "It's still a tranquil place, most of the detainees are in the camp. The rest of the island is still totally accessible. Best bet is to book a package which includes, hotel, car, flight. Limited places to eat on the island though hopefully this is changin…"

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  11. June 2009
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    "To help you plan to get there: See and "

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    Containing around 44,000 hectares of Primary Dipterocarp forest, the Dannum Valley Conservation Area is a small part of over 1,000,000 hectares of protected forest in Borneo. A visit to the Dannum Valley means staying at the only hotel there: Borneo Rai…"

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    "For all travel in Sabah it's best to talk with They do know it all!"

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  16. May 2009
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    Sandakan is the main entry point in Sabah, Island of Borneo, East Malaysia for Sepilok and the Bornean jungle. Around a 30 minute drive from Sandakan, Sepilok is famous for the Orang utan Rehabilitation Centre, well worth a visit around feeding time for …"

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  19. April 2009
  20. Alan McBride rated Sub-Antarctic Island Birdwatching

  21. Alan McBride commented on Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn in Northern Territory, Australia

    "Make sure you take the early morning Yellow Waters Wildlife cruise. Outstanding."

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    I was fortunate to travel as naturalist / bird guide in October 2005 on MS Orion, now called MV Orion. Operated by Orion Expedition Cruises out of Sydney, Orion offers luxury, expedition style cruising to The Kimberley, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Gre…"

  24. June 2008
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    With a shape like a Scottie dog, Christmas Island lies in the Indian Ocean some 2,600km northwest of Perth, Western Australia. An Australian Territory, its nearest neighbour is Java, Indonesia about 360km away. Christmas Island has 63% (over 85 sq. km.)…"

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  28. August 2007
  29. Alan McBride reviewed Capertree Valley Birds in New South Wales, Australia

    Situated around 180 km west of Sydney, the road from Capertee to Glen Davis through the Capertee Valley offers some of the best birding in Australia. Capertee is approximately 35 k north of Lithgow on the Gt Western Highway and the valley is the largest …"

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    Tasmania, situated about 250km below mainland Australia this small, stunningly wild and beautiful island has a number of attractions for the birder. Not least of which is 12 endemic species of bird and a number of others that may be seen here much easier…"

  32. July 2007
  33. Alan McBride reviewed Birdwatching in Kakadu in Kakadu, Australia

    Kakadu National Park is a World Heritage listed area approximately 250 km east of Darwin in Australia Northern Territory. The park covers almost 20,000 square kilometres and has some outstanding birding spots along the stunning 500 km long sandstone esca…"

  34. Alan McBride reviewed Sub-Antarctic Island Birdwatching in New Zealand

    The only way to visit this area (apart from becoming a scientist) is with a commercial cruise company: there are many operators now specialising in this region. Bird and mammal wise these islands offer incredible diversity with vast numbers of albatr…"