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Hi my name is Al and I am the CTO of World Reviewer.

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  1. March 2011
  2. Al James rated The Pancake Bakery

  3. February 2011
  4. Al James rated Cairo

  5. September 2010
  6. Al James rated Hang-Gliding in Rio

  7. Al James rated Prague

  8. May 2010
  9. Al James rated Saas Fee

  10. Al James rated Karlstejn Castle

  11. April 2010
  12. Al James rated The Roman Forum

  13. Al James rated Vatican Museums

  14. Al James commented on Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland

    "Well, the photos look amazing, but as there are no flights we may all miss the action! Ferry to Iceland?"

  15. Al James rated Chichen Itza and the Temple of Kukulkan

  16. Al James rated Hiking Arthur's Seat

  17. Al James rated Edinburgh Castle

  18. Al James rated Edinburgh

  19. Al James rated United States

  20. Al James rated The Colosseum

  21. Al James rated Hermitage Museum

  22. October 2009
  23. Al James rated Chartres Cathedral

  24. August 2009
  25. Al James reviewed Niagara Falls in Buffalo, United States

    "Ok so its incredibly tacky, but even the flashing lights and naffness can't take away from the sight of the falls. Amazing."

  26. Al James reviewed Luxor

    "An amazing place, with so much to see. You could quite happily spend several weeks here and still not see everything."

  27. Al James commented on Mount Fuji in Fuji, Japan

    "I would love to go here and climb it!"

  28. Al James reviewed Disneyland Paris in Paris, France

    "Ok, I don't like to admit it, but I love Disneyland. Spend a great day revisiting you childhood memories. How old is too old to queue to have your photo taken with Donald Duck? Hopefully 28 is ok... Top tip: Make sure you get the right ticket on the l…"

  29. July 2009
  30. Al James commented on Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary

    "Its just a shame its *always* covered in scaffolding..."

  31. Al James commented on Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary

    "The square is in the middle of a large round-about, crossings are few and far between, and the cars dont slow down for sightseers!"

  32. Al James reviewed Szechenyi Baths in Budapest, Hungary

    "A lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon. Make sure you bring your smallest speedos otherwise you will stick out like a sore thumb. Also pay attention to the bizarre locker system, otherwise you will be walking home in your little trunks!"

  33. Al James commented on Mount Kilimanjaro-How Hard is it to Climb?

    "I am sure it can't be that hard if a bunch of Radio 1 'celebrities' can do it. But then again, they had their own doctors and support team, so I guess its a different story."

  34. Al James reviewed Latitude Festival in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    "I loved they way it had more than just music going for it (more so than other festivals). I went to the first one in 2006, but I hear its got a bit busy for its own good in recent years. The multi-coloured sheep are a hi-light!"

  35. Al James commented on Play Me I'm Yours

    "This is cool. Did you find any yet?"

  36. Al James reviewed Cologne

    "Actually quite disappointing. The cathedral is impressive, but the rest of the city centre was pretty must destroyed in World War 2, and now consists of just bland modern buildings and shops."

  37. Al James reviewed Mini Europe in Brussels, Belgium

    Around the corner from the Atomium lays this gem of a park. 350 of Europe's best known (and not so well known) monuments and attractions replicated in 1:25 scale. Ok, it sounds tacky, and it is really, but the delightfully euro-optimistic …"

  38. June 2009
  39. Al James reviewed St Peters Basilica in Rome, Italy

    "Words cant quite express the scale of this place. Make sure you climb to the top of the dome, you get an amazing view (although maybe not if you are a bit fat or scared of heights)."

  40. March 2009
  41. Al James reviewed Pécs

    "A very sleepy little town that does have alot going for it. Explore the ancient town centre, climb the nearby hills and go up the TV tower (worth while!), then relax in one of the famous cafe shops eating a (probably slightly disappointing) cake! "

  42. Al James reviewed Memento Park in Budapest, Hungary

    "Ok, its hard to get to (you have to get a random public bus and get off when you see the statues) but worth the effort. If you go to Budapest you must go here!"

  43. Al James reviewed Margaret Island in Budapest, Hungary

    "A very nice place to spend a hot summers day. The swimming baths are excellent (5 pools!). Pay attention to the complex pool locker system though, otherwise you will never get your things back!"

  44. Al James reviewed Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, Hungary

    "Dont expect too much from this run-down museum. It sometimes has good special exhibitions though."

  45. Al James reviewed Jim Morrison's Grave in Paris, France

    "Its quite tucked away, so would be hard to find if it were not for the crowds of tourists trampling on it. Go and see Oscar Wilde's instead. "

  46. Al James reviewed Carcassonne in Languedoc, France

    "Suffers slightly from too many people in period dress and fake 'dungeon' tours, however its an amazing place to visit. Dont stay (or eat for that matter) in the old city unless you want to be ripped off. Stay across the river for a huge saving and a 10 m…"

  47. Al James reviewed Amelie's Cafe in Paris, France

    "If you can get in between the japanese tourists taking photos, this is worth a visit. However dont expect it to look exactly like it did in the movie, its been repainted and slightly remodelled!"

  48. July 2008
  49. Al James reviewed La Grande Arche in Paris, France

    "The major business district on the outskirts of Paris, crammed full of more skyscrapers than you can shake a stick at. Dont be confused, its not some military outpost (its named after the statue of the defence of Paris in the middle of the district). Th…"

  50. September 2007
  51. Al James reviewed Jeju volcanic island in Jeju, South Korea

    Jeju island, South Korea's largest island, is formed from a massive extinct volcano rising out of the sea. Whilst the resort areas of the island can be safely missed (think an Asian version of Blackpool tack) the natural features are not to be missed. Cl…"

  52. Al James reviewed Bodiam Castle in South East England, United Kingdom

    "A very impressive and complete castle. Its funny how it looks so impressive but was actually of little defensive use. Gets busy in the summer and queues can develop going up the towers (not to mention the tacky costume shows), so go later in the year. It…"

  53. Al James reviewed Minke Whales at the Baie Ste-Catherine in Quebec, Canada

    "This is a totally unreal experience. Make sure you go with a company using smaller inflatable boats, not the huge, glass-bottomed, monstrosities. This way you will get closer to the whales (often see them going just underneath your boat) but your presenc…"