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  1. August 2009
  2. Akshay Mulkutkar commented on Travolution Summit 2009 - Stuff I Learned Today

    "I agree with the Frommers survey results. Visual representation of a destination goes a long way. What most travel sites do is have tons and tons of destinations but very little data associated with it. I personally prefer quality content as against quan…"

  3. Akshay Mulkutkar reviewed Kiyomizu Temple in Furukawa, Japan

    "The Kiyomizu-dera is the most visited temple in the whole of Japan and our last stop of the 1-day tour. It’s a world heritage site famous for its spring water which is supposed to infuse the religious spirit in you and the veranda of the temple which giv…"

  4. Akshay Mulkutkar reviewed Sanjusangendo (Rengeo-in) in Kyoto, Japan

    "The Sanjosangendo Temple with its 1001 life-sized statues of Buddha is the next stop. As per the guide these statues are not the Buddha but of the Kannon, the half-enlightened ones. Buddha, the fully enlightened one can be found sitting on a lotus in the…"

  5. Akshay Mulkutkar reviewed Heian Jingu in Kyoto, Japan

    "Next up was the Heian Shrine located in the eastern part of the town. It’s a memorial built by the people of Kyoto after the Emperor moved the capital to Tokyo in an attempt to bring him back. This site is dedicated to the first and the last emperors of …"

  6. Akshay Mulkutkar reviewed Rokuon-ji (Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan

    "By the time we reached Kinkakuji Temple or most popularly known as the Golden Pavilion, a small drizzle had turned into a big downpour. Our tour guide looked surprised since the weather forecast hadn’t mentioned anything more than a slight drizzle and th…"

  7. Akshay Mulkutkar reviewed Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan

    "This was a Palace of the last Tokugawa shogun(ruling samurai) warriors. This place has been preserved beautifully. All the rooms still have original wall paintings done by the famous ‘Kanō’ painters. They have already started to degrade and the tour guid…"

  8. Akshay Mulkutkar reviewed Nishi-Honganji in Kyoto, Japan

    The Nishi-Honganji Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site, dedicated to ‘Amida Buddha’. This temple was built by the Tokugawa shogun Ieyasu in the 16th century with a view to split the Jodo-shin sect into two branches and weaken its growing inf…"

  9. Akshay Mulkutkar commented on Kyoto

    "Kyoto is on the to-do list of every person that visits Japan. And probably the most recommended places to visit. With 1000-plus shrines/temples, cultural Kyoto has a very religious aura. You can almost catch the scent of incense in the air. Kyoto hosts o…"