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12th June 2007

Kitesurfer, travel reporter, photographer, videographer

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  1. January 2008
  2. Adam Jones rated Kitesurfing Travel trip to Jericoacoara

  3. October 2007
  4. Adam Jones rated Kite Cabo Verde

  5. Adam Jones reviewed Kite Cabo Verde in Canary Islands, Spain

    Cabo Verde's sandy beaches, good wind and big waves has made it popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers and it's morphing from the quite spot it once was as money is spent on the tourist infrastructure. Level with the canaries, Cabo Verde is in the pe…"

  6. Adam Jones reviewed Kiting Cabarete in Dominican Republic

    This is where to come to see the future of kitesurfing. The local kids who teach in the kiting schools spend their afternoons trying out new tricks when conditions are flat but then come in when it gets too big leaving it to the visitors to play in the…"

  7. Adam Jones rated Kiting Cabarete

  8. Adam Jones reviewed Tarifa Kitesurfing in Andalucia, Spain

    On the southern tip of Spain is Tarifa: "The wind capital of Europe". With both a cross off shore wind blowing at around 50 or 60 miles an hour and cross on shore wind blowing at between 15 and 20 coming from the ocean and the mountains Tarifa is sandwic…"

  9. Adam Jones rated Tarifa Kitesurfing

  10. Adam Jones rated Kiting the Dingle Peninsula

  11. Adam Jones reviewed Kiting the Dingle Peninsula in Southwest Ireland, Ireland

    The two main beaches on the Dingle peninsular have some of the world's best waves, the full Atlantic swell crashes into the coast with waves from six to 30 or 40 feet high. For people who can't imagine it it is something like an overcast Maui, and the c…"

  12. Adam Jones rated Kitesurfing at Ras Sudr

  13. Adam Jones reviewed Kitesurfing at Ras Sudr in Egypt

    For great flat water, Egypt's Ras Sudr is ideal: two man made lagoons and a peninsular scooping into the Red Sea provide plenty of kite surfing options and the wind blows all day. Between May and October the wind starts at about 10 and doesn't show sign…"

  14. Adam Jones rated Haugastol for the world's best snow kiting

  15. Adam Jones reviewed Haugastol for the world's best snow kiting in Vestlandet, Norway

    The flat, snow swept plateaus around Haugastol offer 3,200 square kilometres of prime snowkiting fields. The snow is about six metres deep and only one road runs across this incredible space, with very limited vehicle access, so it's just flat white emp…"

  16. July 2007
  17. Adam Jones reviewed Kitesurfing Travel trip to Jericoacoara in Bahia North East, Brazil

    Cumbuco in the North East of Brazil has become one of the world’s hot spots for kiting. As soon as you step off the plane in Fortaleza you start to see signs with pictures of kiters on them and the well worn board bags that litter the airports arrival ga…"