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  1. September 2008
  2. Adam Teller reviewed Zane Grey Reef Marlin Fishing in Panama

    The attraction here is the quiet. On the shore it’s rainforest, so there aren’t a lot of people working the waters of the reef. I’ve been here fishing for big Black Marlin, they probably come for the peace and quiet as well and for the feeding, the who…"

  3. Adam Teller reviewed Marlin in Mauritius in Mauritius

    Large sections of Mauritius’s coastline are feeding grounds for big game fish like marlin, tuna and shark. Marlin have got a reputation among fisherman of being good fighters so they’re some of the most popular of the game fish for people who want a bit…"

  4. Adam Teller reviewed Marlin fishing on the Kona Coast in Hawaii, United States

    Kona is one of the homes of live bait marlin fishing, these guys have been doing it for hundreds of years, so the locals can tell you some good stories about monster marlin caught before there were records and epic battles between man and fish. These da…"

  5. Adam Teller reviewed Lizard Island Marlin Fishing in Western Australia, Australia

    The Great Barrier Reef isn’t just known in game fishing circles for it’s colours, it’s also the home of big marlin, something like two thirds of all marlin over 1000 pounds caught by game fisherman are caught along this stretch between Cairns and Lizard …"

  6. Adam Teller reviewed Canavieiras Marlin in Bahia North East, Brazil

    These waters are newer for anglers but they’ve become pretty popular pretty quickly, probably because there are just loads of fish, I’ve been on a boat that’s caught 13 big billfish in a single day – it was Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish. From w…"

  7. Adam Teller reviewed Madeira Marlin in Benidorm, Spain

    The Madeira marlin season lasts from May to October, it’s well organised and the surroundings are civilised in a very European way – well they have been doing this for a long time. The weather is mild, the wine is sweet and local and the fishing is pret…"

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