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A Cook Not Mad was inspired by Canada's first published cook book “The Cook Not Mad and rational cookery” printed in 1831. A Cook Not Mad is a person who is prepared with a plan when they enter the kitchen in order to not “go mad” while trying to make a meal.
Through our blog and website acooknotmad.com we are trying to continue that tradition by combining our love of food, travel and adventure. Everyone has to eat and we want to see how some of the world's most delicious and interesting cuisine is prepared and eaten by the people who created it, think steak Florentine, cassoulet or real Bavarian pretzels flammekueche , etc.
Join us as we travel to the source to discover local delicacies, delicious products and lots of tasty stories.
If our mission is accomplished you will be inspired and informed enough to enter your kitchen as “A Cook Not Mad” and recreate the true tastes of the countries we will visit together.

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  1. November 2012
  2. A Cook Not Mad (Nat & Tim) reviewed Gellért Thermal Baths in Budapest, Hungary

    Gellert baths are one of several baths in Budapest. We decided to go to Gellert for the simple reason that it was close to our rental. We were not disappointed. Sundays are co-ed, the rest of the week men and women are separated (clothing is optional o…"

  3. August 2012
  4. A Cook Not Mad (Nat & Tim) reviewed Wellington Quarry in France

    The Wellington Quarry is made up of 20 kilometres of tunnels 20 metres underground, a city built under the city of Arras. Here you can walk in the footsteps of 20 000 Commonwealth soldiers who took part in WWI’s largest attack. Listen to letters …"

  5. A Cook Not Mad (Nat & Tim) reviewed Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany

    In the shadow of its most well known sight, the Cathedral, which is a spectacular accomplishment 600 years in the making, lies something that will attest to the good of humankind. The locks of love, so many in fact that the Hohenzollern Bridge’s r…"

  6. May 2012
  7. A Cook Not Mad (Nat & Tim) rated The Elusive Cinta Senese

  8. March 2012
  9. A Cook Not Mad (Nat & Tim) reviewed The Elusive Cinta Senese in Tuscany, Italy

    The Cinta Senese pig is an ancient breed that was at one time near extinction. On our trip through Tuscany we made it a point to locate this pig or at least the meat so we could prepare a few dishes. We were sent on a wild goose chase from one location…"