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  1. March 2008
  2. Boo rated Lo Manthang

  3. Boo rated Everest, land of the Sherpas

  4. Boo rated The London Eye

  5. Boo rated Elphinstone Reef

  6. Boo rated Isla Malpelo Diving

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  15. Boo rated Toledo Cacao Festival

  16. November 2007
  17. Boo reviewed Bodmin Moor Jail in West Country, United Kingdom

    "Right that the moors are more frightening than the jail. But it’s the stories about the nasty goings on that took place here that are enough to ward you off further investigation. My father told me a story about there being an escaped prisoner on the m…"

  18. May 2007
  19. Boo reviewed Tregardock Beach in West Country, United Kingdom

    "A beautiful beach hidden beneath the cliffs. Mind how you go down those steps. A bit of a walk from the main road."