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25th August 2009

Obviously I love traveling, but at the moment I spend most of my time with my two babies at home or guiding people around Budapest.
I 'm doing informative and entertaining walking tours in Budapest for Free Budapest Walking Tours Company.
Free Budapest Walking Tour is to learn about the history, society, architecture and what Hungarians are actually like.
Free Communist Walking Tour is to understand the daily life of the Communist and post-Communist societies and visiting symbols of the "Soviet friendship".
Free Jewish Quarter and the Best Pubs tour is to learn about the Jewish heritage and visit the hidden treasures of the area.

Free Budapest Walking Tours

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  1. September 2009
  2. Agnes commented on Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest, Hungary

    "Part of the movie EVITA was filmed in the Opera House."

  3. Agnes commented on Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary

    "If you are visiting the Parliament during the high season, advanced booking is highly recommended at the following e-mail address: unless you want to join the long queue at gate X. and all tickets are sold just in front of you."

  4. Agnes commented on Memento Park in Budapest, Hungary

    "I would recommend to buy an English booklet about the statues at the souvenir shop upon arrival in order to learn more about the gigantic Communist heroes, masculine females and happy workers reliefs."

  5. Agnes commented on Budapest History Museum in Budapest, Hungary

    "Yes, this is Central Eastern pensioners over 70 go to every museum free:-)"

  6. Agnes reviewed City Park in Budapest, Hungary

    This park in the centre of Budapest, its main entrance just off Heroes Square, is old and rather lovely. But it's all the monuments and buildings within its grounds that make it as significant as it is. These include: The Museum of Fine Arts The Vajd…"

  7. Agnes wrote a holiday idea A Local's Budapest

    Agnes Molnar guides free walks around Budapest, and has given WR a virtual reality digital version with all the highlights of her city - and none of the walking."

  8. Agnes reviewed Budapest's Jewish Quarter in Budapest, Hungary

    The area of Andrassy Avenue with a part of the Jewish Quarter is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sights. Hungary has the second largest Jewish population in Central Eastern Europe with about 100.000 Hungarian Jews- and the second largest synagogue int…"

  9. Agnes reviewed Andrassy Avenue in Budapest, Hungary

    Andrassy Avenue is also called the Hungarian Champs-Elysee as it is very similar to the one in Paris. It connects the inner city and the City Park area. The avenue is lined with beautiful Neo-Renaissance palaces and houses featuring fine facades, stairca…"

  10. Agnes reviewed Szechenyi Baths in Budapest, Hungary

    The beautiful Neo-Baroque Szechenyi spa – is one of Europe's greatest spa complexes is not far from the Historical Buildings. It has two parts: the indoor thermal bath and the open-air swimming pool along with hot tub and Jacuzzi. The spring is 7…"

  11. Agnes reviewed Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary

    Heroes Square is the cradle of Hungarian history. A semicircle colonnade encompasses the most significant statues of Hungarian kings and heroes symmetrically organized on tall stone columns. The outstanding column in the middle of the square has Archange…"

  12. Agnes reviewed Központi Vásárcsarnok (Central Market) in Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest has lots of food markets displaying strings of red paprika and garlic, the famous Hungarian salami, sausage, ham and other meat product along with fresh pastry, frisbee-size salty doughnuts, cheap and delicious Hungarian wine and fruit brandies.…"

  13. Agnes reviewed Rudas Baths in Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest has plenty of bath houses. The 150 years of Ottoman Turkish empire had left a significant bathing culture for us. The best Turkish bath in Budapest are the Rudas and the Kiraly baths. Both were built int he XVIth century and they only have inter…"

  14. Agnes reviewed Budapest History Museum in Budapest, Hungary

    "The Budapest History Museum holds and exhibition of Budapest that shows the Hungarian culture with great details starting from the medieval times up to the modern age. Tickets are reasonable. (3 Euro/adult 1.5 Euro for students and pensioners. )"

  15. Agnes reviewed Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, Hungary

    "The National Gallery has an exhibition showing some of the best known Hungarian painters including Mihaly Munkacsy, Pal Szinyei-Merse and many more."

  16. Agnes reviewed Buda Castle (Budai Vár Palota) in Budapest, Hungary

    "The Castle District is made up of two main parts. The Royal part with the Royal Palace and the civil part with Mattias Church, Fisherman Bastion and its baroque houses. The whole Castle district area is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sights. The Ro…"

  17. Agnes reviewed Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, Hungary

    "Almost every postcard shows a part of the romantic Fisherman Bastion. It is rather a funny name for some fairy tale type white look-out towers that were built in the XIX century on a former fisherman's market place. To fully enjoy the view from the first…"

  18. Agnes reviewed Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary

    "The most prominent building of the civil part of the Castle district is the Matthias church. The church is 700 years old but had been rebuilt several times. Its style is Neo –Gothic and only the core of the walls are of medieval origin. It was the bigges…"

  19. August 2009
  20. Agnes commented on Budapest

    "Getting from the Airport or Train Station to your hostel: From Terminal 2. : Use the airport bus N: 200E to the terminal of the M3 blue line. Make sure you bought a ticket at the airport or on the airport bus and validate it immediately. 300 Ft/single t…"