World's Most Haunted Places

There are some places that will make even the hardest skin creep and crawl, where too many respectable people have experienced something amiss, drafts that have no logical beginning, the temperature changes for no conceivable reason and the floorboards creak even though no one's walking on them...  

Bad things have happened in all the places on this list and somehow some feeling of ill will lingers still... In some of these places it's the sheer numbers of potential spirits that frightens people and in some it's the ferocity of what occurred, but there's no running away from the fact that there's something not quite right about these spots...which is why they made our list of the World's 10 Most Haunted Places.

10.) Bhangarh Fort is assigned the title of 'The most haunted place in India'.  Bhangarh is also a large, ruined 17th Century city of rusty coloured stone.  The stories about the city's mysterious past begin when it was inexplicably deserted, some say due to an evil curse uttered by a dying black magician spurned by the local princess, others say that all its roofs fell in at the hands of a black magician who was displeased that the king built his palaces taller than the magicians own, and others still tell of a great battle that raged over the city killing many inhabitants and causing the rest to flee. Whatever the story is people believe this place is haunted by the souls of all the old inhabitants who are supposed to be trapped here on earth.

9.)  Underneath elegant Paris are tunnels and caverns filled with the bones of Parisians long gone.  By the 18th Century Paris's graveyards were full and improperly buried dead were becoming a health risk, so the older cemeteries were excavated and the bones moved into the tunnels dug out by the Romans for building materials.  Here the bones were laid in gaps in the walls and arranged in decorative sculptures and displays to save space, and they're still ike that today....  The bodies of those executed or killed in riots were also placed in the quarries. Glowing mists and orbs, shadows and disembodied voices have allegedly accosted visitors here on many occasions. Tour guides have even described groups of shadows following the tour groups through the tunnels in silence, causing some to panic and leave. Many attribute these strange goings-on to the fact that almost all the bodies kept here were moved from their intended original resting places, and their spirits remain unsettled as a result.In spite of the fact that the larger part of the quarry tunnel network is out of bounds to the public, there are a number of secret entrances, and the occasional thrill-seeker has wandered in and become lost. Murders took place here during the French Revolution and German soldiers used one quarry chamber in the 6th arrondissement as a bunker during World War II, and these tales have also spawned their own ghoulish urban legends.

8.) Rome's Colosseuhas stood more than the test of time and has accumulated an incredibly varied collection of personal stories as well as reflecting a national one. Colosseum ghost stories passed down through generations tell of unjustly slaughtered gladiators who return by night to re-enact their final moments in combat and invisible chariots that rattle and race across the long-vanished sand. Visitors have described hearing words spoken in Latin, the shouts of petty criminals slaughtered at the whim of the watching crowd and the cries of wounded animals, and many have reported seeing disappearing audience members and shadowy Roman guards silhouetted against the sky – images so evocative that they seem to represent the ghost of the Roman Empire itself.

The Catacombs, where Christians were buried, is another living necropolis. The same secondary burial as happened in Paris happened here, and bones were arranged in pleasing, yet not very respectful displays. Which many people think is cause for spirits to become unsettled. Aside from the cases of intense panic and claustrophobia which, as might be expected, often occur in the catacombs today, a great deal of poltergeist activity has been recorded. Occasionally, visitors also claim to have seen spectres hovering in the corridors, but most reports are of disembodied voices whispering restlessly in the tunnels and empty burial niches.

7.)  Illness and madness are frightening, and this site is known for both. Waverly Hills was built to be a state of the art hospital for TB sufferers, with a large solarium porch and upstairs conservatory, but the building, even when newly opened in 1926 looked creepy - it’s just the style of the period, nothing sinister, but it does add to the legend and hospitals are always ripe for haunting. Paranormal investigations of Waverly have reported shadowy figures, flying orbs and other strange lights, the smell of food, unexplained falling objects and baffling noises. The strongest paranormal activity seems to centre around the Death Tunnel or the body chute: two suitably grizzly names, where the cadavers were removed from the hospital. The TB death rate peaked at around one an hour and the tunnel was actually built to prevent patients from seeing the all too regular hearse pick ups, but a lot of people believe the tunnel is a hive of ghostly goings-on.

After closing as a TB facility it re-opened as Woodhaven Geriatric Facility which had a far less friendly outlook; rumours circulated about electric shock therapy and patient mistreatment and it was eventually closed because of improper patient care in the early 1980s. After this the building was sold privately and was left to vandals and squatters to abuse, it was around this time that stories about satanic rituals and strange happenings started to spread. Locals began to report hearses driving by to DROP OFF coffins, peculiar noises, children who looked real then appeared to vanish, the most common sighting is of a boy in old fashioned clothes playing with a ball, and the malfunction of electrical equipment.

5.) If sheer numbers of potential ghosts has anything to do with how haunted a place is then Gettysburg has the remains of two armies worth of men who, in life, experienced some of the world's bloodiest and most frightening fighting.  Residents and susceptible visitors have reported seeing battle weary soldiers wandering the streets and crossing a landscape as scared by the gore of war as the dead. Sachs Bridge, used as a field hospital by both sides, and the scene of deserter hangings and Pennsylvania College Campus which served as a morgue during the battle are two particularly active sites for paranormal gatherings, and while most of the action centres around the battlefields, many of the old buildings now hosting B&Bs were used as hospitals so you can stay somewhere haunted as well.  

The gatehouse of the National Cemetery, where many of these restless spirits should be quietly interred, is supposedly guarded by a spectral sentry, and over the years there have been many reported sightings of Abraham Lincoln riding by on a white steed – these sightings started during the battle, when several high ranking soldiers thought they saw him riding by yelling encouragement to the troops.

4.) More than just the home/ office of the American President, the White House is a hotbed of spectral, as well as political activity.  Some of the White House's ghosts seem to have been seen independently and repeatedly by several people: Abraham Lincoln's ghost is famous worldwide for its apparently random appearances to various visitors and members of the household, who have seen it variously gazing from a window, sleeping on the bed and pulling on its boots in Lincoln's old bedroom! Eleanor Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Carl Sandburg and others sensed his presence and Jackie Kennedy, when asked about Lincoln's ghost replied that she found him comforting.  Lincoln was known to have had an interest in the paranormal in his later years.Abigail, wife of John Adams, is said to haunt the East Room, where she hung her laundry in the chilly, incomplete White House and James Madison's wife Dorothea appeared to the gardeners who tried to dig up her rose bed, with the result that it was left intact. Andrew Jackson is also still said to linger, as is David Burns, the previous owner of the land on which the White House was built.

3.) Hundreds of people have met their end at the Tower of London, and lots of them in grizzly ways. Henry VI, who was 'stikk'd full of deadly holes in the hour before midnight', 21st May 1471 – probably by the Duke of Gloucester later Richard III, who is also accused of killing Edward IV's two sons, 'the two princes in the tower', and the unfortunate wives of Henry VIII are just some of the most famous, but lots of less royal executions took place on the green and hundreds of people were imprisoned in the dungeons and tortured. Anne Boleyn has been seen carrying her head, Lady Jane Grey is seen wearing white praying on the battlements and the ghostly figure of a 72 year old Countess of Salisbury is seen running from the scaffolds only to be hacked to pieces by the axe man.

The White Tower is the oldest and most haunted of the Tower's structures, known for unexpectedly powerful whiffs of cheap perfume and the oppressive, and reportedly physically felt presence of Henry III's huge suit of armour.

2.) Edinburgh Castle has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times, each time acquiring more ghosts. Hundreds of people claim to have been subject to visitations from beyond the grave at Edinburgh Castle. Most of them involved being touched or pulled at by an unseen person, a sensation of being watched, the presence of shadowy figures, mists and green lights, cold patches or sudden, inexplicable emotional disturbances.

However, there are a number of 'official' ghosts, many of which have apparently been seen by independent individuals who have corroborated each others' stories. These include an unidentified man in a leather apron, a ghostly piper who was lost in the tunnels beneath the castle, a mysterious headless drummer boy who appears on the eve of an attack, a nameless dungeon poltergeist (perceived by some to be a long-dead torture victim) and a collection of ghost dogs associated with the castle's dog cemetery, most notably 'Greyfriars Bobby'.

1.) Even if you don't believe in ghosts the concentration camp at Auschwitz isn't somewhere anyone would choose to be after dark.  Somewhere between one million and 1.5 million people were killed here in the five years between 1940 and 45.  They didn't just die in the gas chambers, some were worked to death or died of disease or starvation, and some were used in illegal medial experiments.  A huge number of visitors have experienced being grabbed or touched by the spirits of the dead and it's not uncommon for people to suffer emotional breakdowns or extreme panic just walking though the place, it's so heavy with emotional significance.  If any place is home to unhappy spirits, this one is...  

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Comments by other travellers

i was like you guys...never believed in spirits....but what i experienced i will never forget.

me and my friend, while camping saw two people walking....then they just stopped...and next thing i see is its face right on front of me....we just ran like crazy...leaving everything.

and i had my aunt who was possessed..and i was there....everything like voice, eyes and facial feature change....just scary.

my point is you have to experience it to believe it.

Hope you don't....cuz it too damn scary...hope you do experience it...cuz it is fun

2 Replies

Where did you run into the ghostly walkers? It wasn't Epping Forest was it?

WOW! that's scary - how did you know where i saw it?....we where camping in this caravan and camping site with my family and friends.....and we just wondered off just to look for things....that's when we saw it.

No one really believed us - they thought we were lying or kids playing tricks. No one believes you when your a 13 year old boy......

Whether you believe in ghosts/presences or not is your choice but I've experienced it first hand. It was......interesting and just a little scary

3 Replies

Where did you have your experience/s?

A house we lived in for only 10 months.

Which city is your house in - is it an old house? Do you know if anything bad has happened there?

The White House has been haunted throughout it's history, in fact there's a spook in the White House right now..............

1 Reply

Many spooks I should think...

Ghost stories are always easy money for dried up journalists. Even if you don't believe they are always fun to read.

how can you not have mexico in there?... with all the history, legends, cultures and stuff.....!


1 Reply

What bits of Mexico are haunted? I didn't know about that...

ghosts... I don't think so, wishful thinking - but no ghosts - sorry, reality bites.

1 Reply

I totally believe in spirits - as in the latent energy stored up in a place that makes it feel - well, something!

Including myself, I think most people who have experienced paranormal activities tend to keep it to themselves to avoid being labled as "not the full shilling".

1 Reply

That's a shame, as in my experience many people do believe. I have spoken to many people interested in hearing my stories.

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