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There’s a certain injustice in birthdays. I’m very grateful to have one, really I am, but there are times when I wish I could sample the delights of pre-1986 and revel in time’s little idiosyncrasies. From draping myself decadently on a 1920s chaise-longue to marrying Percy Shelley, had I been there, I would have had a great time. Also on my missed-out-on list are bubble cars, dinosaurs, and that solid pink toothpaste you used to get in tins…

Wormholes, black holes and traveling faster than the speed of light aboard a Tardis; we can pull on all the cosmic strings available, but for now the travel, minus the time, seems to be the most plausible. Whether past epochs have been experienced, missed or been quarantined by memory, you can embark on an adventure glazed with the good old days and still return to the present without the worries of Marty Mcfly.

A certain amount of make believe is needed here. An homage to the past needs commitment, and a weekend in Paris dedicated to your period of choice, may provide the key to true vintage spirit. A vintage themed weekend (http://www.worldreviewer.com/experiences/shopping_streets/ooh-la-la-vintage/58682/) driving around the streets of Paris in a Citroën 2CV and searching for history’s finest regalia will provide you with a costume which lets you step out of your universe and into another.

Enter, stage left, the traditional, stoic British holiday. From a beach hut in St. Ives and a Morris Minor ride down to Brighton Pier, to a caravan on the Isle of Wight a holiday at the seaside may be bracing but the sugar high from candy floss and rock will let you relive childhood memories and perhaps persuade you into thinking that a U.K holiday does have its good points.

If this back to basics approach has awakened much more than a bad memory of a freak case of sunstroke in Blackpool circa 71, then keep hold of this retro thread and follow it back to a time where some would say music began; the 60 and 70s. Parental figures worldwide develop the gooey eyed “that Marc Bolan gig was so good I cried” look when you mention those days and you can almost see them straining to return. Music and memory are intertwined, resurrecting images and smells you thought you had forgotten. Elvis’s Graceland and Essaouira’s villassaturated in all things Hendrix are but a couple of treasured, past musical haunts. If this visit seems too risky and you fear it may be a chance for your former manic, underwear throwing self to reappear there is always the opportunity to journey to a kibbutz in the hills or even a hippy style tipi in Holland to relax.

Architecture, just like fashion has shed many a face. From retro dome hotels to buildings below water and literally, on top of it, such as the camping rafts in Marnemoende, vintage and kitsch accommodation may seem bizarre but after one night you will never want to sleep within four vertical walls again. Perhaps this is why hotels such as the Madonna Inn are so popular.

We use phrases such as ‘it’s different now’ or ‘not like it used to be’ gazing into the distance at the wicked hands of time, wincing at busy tourist attractions, boy band reunions and Crocs. O for a draught of vintage! Look closely though, and beneath this ultra modern exterior, the good times reveal themselves in many shapes and forms. They’re definitely there; not dead, just sleeping.

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